How To Make Paypal Account In Pakistan Legally? [2017 Guide]

By | June 2, 2017


A lot of People & my site Visitors were asking me how we can make a verified Paypal Account in Pakistan totally legally without using any fake names, fake email addresses & so & so. In this quick post, I will be sharing with you a unique trick how you can get A Free Paypal Account along with a Free Payoneer MasterCard plus $25 Bonus & then how you can link your Payoneer Account with Paypal to receive your Payments to your Payoneer account & as well as make Online Payments.

We all better know that Paypal isn’t operating in Pakistan & the reason we don’t know but due to their strict policies & banking transaction issues, they are not allowing anyone from Pakistan & I think from many other countries to use Paypal as their Online Payment Solution but still, In the same post, I’m walking you through a step by step guide that how I created my own Account using my Real Email Address, home Address & Name & then How I connected & linked my Payoneer Account with it very easily & simply And how I get payment from US & other online companies in Pakistan to my Paypal account.

So without wasting more time, let’s dive into the step by step guide.

Get Payoneer Account First:

It’s necessary for you to apply for a free Payoneer MasterCard before you apply for Paypal because later on when your account is created with Paypal, you will have to transfer your money to your Payoneer account so create your own account first with Payoneer to get free Prepaid Card Plus $25 bonus.

If you don’t know how to create an account with Payoneer, then you must read our previously post How To Get Payoneer MasterCard In Pakistan Guide.

Get Payoneer $25 Bonus Free:

Payoneer is currently offering a $25 bonus to every customer that signs up through our unique referral link. Please click the link below & sign up with Payoneer to get Payoneer $25 Bonus.

Get $25 Bonus

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Quick Steps:

Follow These quick steps to create your free Paypal Account in Pakistan.

  • Visit & Click on Sign Up button.
  • Choose Personal or Business account & then enter your account login details.
  • in the next step, Enter your accurate street address, City, Zip Code & a US mobile number from & proceed with the steps.
  • Congratulations, your account is now created. Now, click on Manage Communication… to log into your Account.

How To Get Paypal Account [Step By Step Guide]

We have written a short how to above that how you can quickly create Paypal account but still if you have some questions or want to see the whole bunch of step by step process then please read on below carefully.

Please visit & there click Sign Up button.


Now, it will take you to a new page, So it depends on you whether or not you are going to create an account for your Personal use or for Business use.


After choosing the account type, Now, you need to Enter your correct Email Address, Your Accurate First & Last Name & Password & then click Next.

In the next step, you will need to enter your accurate Street Address, City, State, Zip or Area Code & your Mobile Phone number. Note: Paypal doesn’t support Pakistani Mobile number so you will need to get a US Mobile Phone number from site which is free.

Here’s how you can get a US Phone Number from

Please Visit & Create a free account.


TextNow will now require a US area code. So in order to find out a US Area Code, you will need to go to & get a US Area Code from there which is free.


So you can see I got 303 a US Area code so I will now put it into the Area Code box in the TextNow site.


After completing all TextNow steps, you will get a unique US Mobile Phone number which now you can use for your Paypal Account.


Now, go back to Paypal Page & put the TextNow phone number and along with other details such as Zip Code & Street Address & then hit Next.

Sometimes the Paypal algorithms detect the state, zip code & city name so if it gives you error that your state or zip code is wrong & is not from the same country then you will need to use some fake details such as if you choose Panama or (PA) from the state list then you can choose this details I have chosen for my own account.

Street Address: you can choose your own street address.

City: Tocumen

State: PA (Panama)

Zip Code: 19290 or your own city zip code.

After following the above steps, your account will be successfully created & now Paypal will give you a new Page. So click Manage Communication Preferences to log into your New Paypal Account Directly.


Finally, After a lot of struggle, our account is created & I hope you would also have created your own free account so now you can easily log into your Account.

Paypal Youtube How-To Video:


We Made & got a verified Free Paypal Account In Pakistan by just following a few quick steps. As Far As I know, the guide is completed & is filled with information that was necessary for completing this guide. Please if you have any question regarding the process or creating an account then your comments are warmly welcome below.

Thank You For Reading~

6 thoughts on “How To Make Paypal Account In Pakistan Legally? [2017 Guide]

  1. ali

    noob ? you called it verified? and for your information paypal not accept payoneer vcc anymore

  2. Nuzzo

    Do you think it is safe to use Auction Essistance to help me withdraw my money?

  3. Ahsan

    Bro paypal mai ne payoneer k bank account se attach kr dia jab meri payment paypal pe aye gi to wo directly khud payoneer mai transfer ho jai gi aur mai payoneer k card se withdraw kr sakte ho?plz answer

  4. Yasar Ali Post author

    Of course you can easily receive funds to your PayPal account in Pakistan & can easily transfer it to your Payoneer account & then you can easily either transfer to your Local Bank account or can directly withdraw using your Payoneer MasterCard.


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