How To Make Money With Infolinks ad Network 2016

If you have a blog which receives a decent traffic but if it is not eligible to get an AdSense account so what would you do in order to make revenue with your blog?

You might be spending hours writing great and effective articles and sharing video tutorials on your blog but don’t think about the monetization of your blog?


Today I’m going to show you how to make money with infolinks which is InText based ad network and how to generate revenue from your blog.

Infolinks That Offers InText Ads

You might don’t know about Infolinks but it’s I think the best InText advertising network that you can use to make money with your blog.

Infolinks offers you different kinds of ads such as Intext, Infold, Inarticle, Inscreen etc. You can enable all types of the ads on your blog to make more with your blog using Infolinks but I’ll show you what ad type you should use and what not to make a lot with it.

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How To Sign Up & Start Making Money With Infolinks

First of all, Click here to Join Infolinks and then follow the steps below.

#1 Click the above Join link & a new web page will be opened. Type your blog/site URL in the My website address & sign in using any facebook or email address.


#2 You’ll be taken to another web page where you should copy and paste the script into your blog’s Html Editor. If you’re using WordPress then you can also download the Infolinks Official Plugin.

Your form will be submitted for the approval so wait for one or two days to receive the confirmation email from the Infolinks community.

If your account is approved you’ll be able to log into your account.

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How To Optimize Infolinks Ads To Make More Money

If your account is approved by the infolinks community then what are you waiting for? Read this to optimize infolinks ads to earn even more from your blog.

As I told you that the ad network which we’re talking about provides you different kinds of ads such as InText, InFold, Inarticle, InTag, Inscreen & Inframe. So using the best one from them & optimizing them on your blog can help you generate more out of your blog.

So follow these steps to optimize your ads.

#1 Enable the InText ad unit

Enabling this feature can help you increase your eCPM & ad views.

In the Intext ad unit, try to decrease the maximum links per page to 6 or 7 or whatever you want to keep and then pick the ad link color that matches your blog link color.

#2 InFold ad unit

Enable this ad unit on your blog to earn more revenue with infolinks.


#3 InTag ad Unit

This is the money generator ad unit that you should enable on the top & bottom both places to earn some extra cash with infolinks. Also, don’t forget to enable the RevenueBooster feature in the InTag ad unit.

#4 InFrame ad Unit

InFrame ad depends on the site/blog’s layout. If your site/blog has an empty space on both right & left side then you can enable this or otherwise don’t enable this ad unit because it irritates users and they’ll never come back to your site/blog.

#5 InScreen ad Unit

If you want to show a pop-up ad to your readers/audience before they leave your blog/site/page or enter to any web page on your blog then you can enable this feature that can help you increase your revenue.

#6 InArticle ad Unit

If you have enabled the RevenueBooster feature in the InTag ad unit then you don’t need to use this feature but if you want to manually add this between your blog posts then you can easily copy the script and paste on your blog post.

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How To Make Money With A Super Fantastic Referral Program Of Infolinks For Next 12 Months

Well, Here you’ll learn how to earn some extra cash without adding infolinks ads on your blog. Is it possible? Asked. I answered, Yes it is absolutely possible.

Whenever you promote your referral link & any publisher joins infolinks using your referral link & makes some money with it then you’ll get 10% of their revenue for free for the next 12 Months & it’ll be added to your account.


You can also add banners and your unique referral link on your blog for more conversion rate.

If you haven’t joined Infolinks yet, Then Click here to Join Infolinks to start Making Money with your blog right now.

Hope this guide will help you but if you have still any further question about this guide then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment form below.

If you like then do share this page on your facebook timeline. Thanks 🙂


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