Top Movies & TV Streaming Apps


 Video streaming in 2019 is about to become even more accessible for everyone with the commissioning of 5G mobile networks. It means that HD, Full HD, and even 4K streaming will become cheaper and faster. This is the review of 3 most frequently downloaded apps for watching TV programs, movies and series. Netflix Netflix is… Read More »

Latest Technologies and Its Advancement


 Technology is something that deals with the creation and use of technical means, which have strong bond with the life, society, and the environment, It is possible with the Pursuing courses such as Engineering, Industrial Arts, and Science. It is also a use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes or applications, either for some industry… Read More »

Mini Spy Cameras – Types and Uses


 “Spying is a like a game of chess: Sometimes you have to withdraw, sometimes you have to sacrifice one of your pieces to win – preferably a knight rather than a king or queen.” John Rhys-Davies From wiretaps, surveillance cameras to spyware and monitoring software on your phone like Cocospy – there are so many ways to… Read More »

How to Activate Mono Audio in Windows 10


 The sound from a computer or telephone can be mono or stereo. Stereo sound is a superior listening experience where the sound comes from several channels and is generally reproduced through two speakers. On the other hand, mono has only one channel or combines all channels into one channel. If you need to listen to… Read More »

The Best Money Making Apps


 Any app that can help you make money is the best right? Well, that is partially true. Considering not all the apps in your smartphone can help you pay some of the bills. How does money making apps work? It is a question that you have frequently asked yourself questioning the legitimacy of the apps… Read More »

Is Payoneer Better for Sending And Receiving Payments? [2019]


 Today Payoneer has become the most trusted and reliable company to send and receive money from all over the world.  It is widely used by bloggers, companies, freelance workers, marketer and many more who are doing online business and requires to deal with other county clients or customers.  Today we will see what are the reason which… Read More »

Free DNS or Managed DNS? When to upgrade?


 DNS is the wonderful technology that makes the internet possible. The DNS servers are constantly answering users’ queries about domains with fast speed. Exactly this strive for velocity makes the website owners search for extra help in the form of DNS service. Free DNS You can see various Free DNS plans by different companies, but… Read More »