Is Payoneer Better for Sending And Receiving Payments? [2019]


 Today Payoneer has become the most trusted and reliable company to send and receive money from all over the world.  It is widely used by bloggers, companies, freelance workers, marketer and many more who are doing online business and requires to deal with other county clients or customers.  Today we will see what are the reason which… Read More »

Free DNS or Managed DNS? When to upgrade?


 DNS is the wonderful technology that makes the internet possible. The DNS servers are constantly answering users’ queries about domains with fast speed. Exactly this strive for velocity makes the website owners search for extra help in the form of DNS service. Free DNS You can see various Free DNS plans by different companies, but… Read More »

How to download Apps banned on the Play Store


 Every now and then some very popular Apps are getting banned on the official Google Play Store because they are violating any of the existing Play Store Policies. These include for example policies about privacy and security related topics like collecting unneeded data or promoting discriminatory content. Popular Banned Apps Sometimes, Google has been acting… Read More »

Pandora Radio: Third Most Popular Music Service in the US


 Pandora Radio has been one of the most recognized and popular applications for music streaming. Although Pandora has been overtaken by Spotify and Apple Music in terms of monthly users, it is still the third most popular Music service in the United States. Features of Pandora Radio: Free Listening to high-quality Music (with ads)  Customized… Read More »

Dict Box APK Free Download: Powerful Dictionary For Android!


 Dict Box is a powerful Android Dictionary app that comes with many advanced dictionary features, supports multi-dictionary languages & comes with live Translator that helps you translate your sentences & words in your desired languages. Download Dict Box APK from the given links below. English is one of the most spoken languages of all the time… Read More »