Palm Motion Feature In Galaxy S4 Review


There in the Android Samsung Galaxy S4 you’ll find the Palm Motion feature in the setting that you can use for two purposes. The first one feature you can use to take a¬†screenshot on S4 by just swiping hand over the screen & the second one feature you can use to Mute & / Pause sounds by covering hand on the screen.



Where To Find Palm Motion Feature?

Unlock your Galaxy S4 & go to the¬†Phone Setting> My Device> Motions & gestures & at the bottom you’ll find the Palm Motion feature.

How To Use It?

There are two options in the palm motion. i.e, Capture Screen & Mute / Pause. So we’ll be covering here how you can use these options.

#1 Capture Screen :-

By enabling the Capture screen you’ll be able to take a screenshot on your s4 by just swiping your hands over the screen without the Power & volume button. All you need to do is just enable it & then swipe your hand over the screen & the screenshot will be taken in a while.

#2 Mute/Pause :-

By enabling this feature you can mute or pause playing sounds or incoming calls & notifications by just covering screen by hand when the screen is on.

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