Top 10 Highest Paying Url Shorteners To Make Money Online In 2016


URL Shorteners not just make your Long URL short but gives you money on every visitor you make to visit that short URL.

There are many URL Shortening Websites & Tools that you can use to shorten your URLs & make some extra income by making people visit that short link.

You might be using some sites but you might be also not getting an advantage of those who still pay a lot by just bringing 1000 visitors to the short link you make with them.


If you don’t know which are the highest paying URL shorteners In 2016 & in future to make a lot of money then I’m going to tell you some best sites that you can use & join for free & which are the most used sites online in the URL shortening Market.

A List Of 10 Highest Paying Link Shorteners To Make Money By Shortening URLS/Links

#1 is the leading URL Shortener that allows users to shrink their URLs and get a high CPM for bringing 1000 unique visitors to the short links a user make. Referral Program

Through the referral program, a user can make a lot by referring others. gives 20% commission for a lifetime to their users who make a person join

Payment Withdrawal has three options that you can use to withdraw your earning if your earning has reached a minimum amount of threshold. For

Paypal: minimum withdrawal= $5

Payza: minimum withdrawal=$5

Payoneer: $10 Payout Rates

The Payout Rates of is very high & a user can make a lot of money which depends upon countries.

adfly-url-shortener-payout-rates Payout Rates

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#2 OUO.IO is another URL shortener website that you can use to shorten your links & make money online.

Every URL shortener does the same thing for you but their payout rates & usage are different than each other.

Earning Withdrawal has Paypal option that you can use to withdraw your earning. If your earning has reached the minimum threshold of $5 then you can easily withdraw it using Paypal. Referral Program

With the referral program, you can get 20% commission of the person you make to & the commission will be for a lifetime.

Payout Rates


#3 LinkShrink

Linkshrink is the fastest way to make money online by shortening URLs or you can also convert all of your site/blog URLs to linkshrink short URLs through you can earn a lot of an extra income.

LinkShrink Referral Program

You can earn 20% of income for a lifetime of the user you bring to linkshrink.

Earning Withdrawal

You can withdraw your earning through paypal or payza. If your earning reached the minimum threshold of $5 then it will be received to you in just 4 business days.

Payout Rates



This is super fantastic URL shortener that has many methods that you can use to withdraw your earning. This is a simple way to earn money online by just shortening your long URLs. The joining process is very easy, just click the button below & join the for free without any hidden taxes.

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Like others’ URL shorteners, has also a referral program but this network is only giving 5% commission to their users.

Earning Withdrawal

As we mentioned above that it has a good feature that it provides you different ways & methods to withdraw your earning very easily without any fee. It has 7 methods to withdraw your earning.

Accounts that you can use to withdraw your earning

  1. Payza
  2. Paypal
  3. Vodafone
  4. Skrill
  5. Webmoney
  6. Neteller
  7. Payoneer

Payout Rates


#5 is another simple & easiest way to short your long links & make money with those links. There is an android app available that you can manage your account from that app on your android device.

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It has another good feature that allows you to get 40% commission for a lifetime of a person you refer to

Earning Withdrawal

There are two options (Payza & Skrill) that you can use to withdraw your earnings. You can withdraw your earning if it has reached to minimum threshold of $5.

Payout Rates


#6 is another alternative to that allows you to shrink long URLs & make money from those links. It has a simple way to monetize your whole site/blog links & convert them into short links.

Referral Program

It allows you to earn 20% commission forever of a user you refer to join It has different types of banners that you can also place on your site or blog through that others will register with & you’ll get 20% of commission forever for free.

Earning Withdrawal supports three types of payment methods.

  1. Paypal – at least minimum threshold is $5
  2. Webmoney – minimum threshold is $5
  3. Payoneer – minimum threshold is $20

Payout Rates


#7 Linkbucks

Linkbucks is another URL Shortener that allows you to earn high rates revenue by shortening URLs & by bringing visitors to those short links.

Linkbucks referral program

Pays you 20% commission of a person you make to join linkbucks. It is free of cost & you can promote your referral link everywhere you want.

Earning Withdrawal

You can withdraw your earning through PayPal or Payoneer.

Earning Rates


#8 is a great way to shorten/monetize links & make an extra money by bringing visitors to those short links.

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You can get 10% commission of a user you bring to

Earning Withdrawal

There are two methods (Paypal & Bitcoin) that you can use to withdraw your earning.

Payout Rates



Every time a user visits your short links you have made with, you’ll be paid by Their payout rates are good for every user. Referral Program

You’ll get 10% commission forever of a user you bring to & makes an account.

Earning Withdrawal

There is just one method for you to withdraw your earning is called Paypal. You can withdraw your earning through PayPal only.

Payout Rates


#10 is another best alternative to that pays you high amount of income by bringing visitors to their short urls. When you join it first, it’ll give you $1 as a reward. So join it by clicking the button below.

P.PW referral Program

You can earn 20% revenue of your referrals for a lifetime while if you refer an advertiser then you’ll get 5% of their revenue every time an advertiser advertise in

Earning Withdrawal

You can get your earning only through Paypal.

Payout Rates


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