10 Most Typical Security Attacks That Will Destroy Your WordPress Blog

By | November 14, 2016

For some, setting up a blog is super easy. Well, that might be true, but how about keeping your blog out of harm’s way? Having a blog is not simply signing in and maintaining the quality and uniqueness of the content you are posting. You also have to ensure its safety from other people or malicious software that are up to something bad.

Have you ever imagined a robber breaking into your house and taking away your prized possessions? Or a car thief driving the car that you haven’t finished paying off? Of course, you wouldn’t want this to happen in real life, so to avoid these bad scenarios, you would certainly take precautionary steps in advance, like setting up an alarm system in your house or vehicle.

There are also thieves and attackers in the online world. They will hack your blogsite and get valuable information, they can also take control of your digital home and can bring it down whenever they want. Spam attacks can happen if you allow anyone to post a comment on your blog without pre-approval.

Replacing a weak password to a strong one is not just the only way to prevent unwanted access on your website. There are plenty of ways to help you avoid these security threats that could wipe out your blog completely. We have put together a list of the 10 most popular cyber-attacks in an amazing infographic that you can use in securing your blog. Feel free to share with your friends.

Here is the infographic:

common wordpress security attacts

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