Add HelloBar To Blogger Blog & Get HelloBar Pro For 1 Month Free

By | August 21, 2016

HelloBar is a free tool that sites/blogs owners can use to grow their mailing list, promote link/post, get free facebook likes & followers as well as, they can announce any offer by showing a text message to their audience using Hellobar.

If you have a blogger blog & want to use HelloBar tool on your blog to grow your social media signals & grow your mailing list then follow my steps.


Join HelloBar & Get HelloBar Pro For 1 Month For Free

In order to use this tool, you’ll need to create an account in it. So click Join HelloBar & create an account in it.

Follow these steps to join hellobar

  1. Click the Join link above
  2. Type your blog link in the Your Website URL Input Box
  3. Log in with Google & click on Create your website
  4. Create a new Goal
  5. Install the Script on your blog – Add the script above the closing tag of the </Body> of your HTML document.


Adding script to your blog is important. Make sure to place the script in the right place or otherwise the tool won’t work on your blog & you won’t get any result for your campaign.

Invite Your Friends To Get PRO For 1 Month For Free

You can get the pro version for free by just inviting your friends to Hellobar. To Promote your referral link, In the Hellobar dashboard, click Get Pro Free & there you’ll be seeing your unique Referral Link.

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All you need to do is copy it & promote it on your social media sites or your blog. Both you & the referred person will get the pro version for free.

Hope guys this article might help you. If you have any question regarding this article then feel free to comment below & I’m waiting for your comments & feedbacks.

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