30+ Android Hidden Tips Tricks That You Need To Know!

By | November 27, 2016

android hidden tips tricks

Android Hidden Tips Tricks: With the growing business of Android, it has become extremely popular amongst the users that no one can devalue it. One of the most accepted thing amongst the users are hidden tips & tricks.

There are certain features users can enjoy while using their Android smartphones. In this post, we’ll be sharing with you all those secrets & tricks that you need to know to become an expert in this field in technical skills.

Android Hidden Tips Tricks (30+ features and Secrets)

We’ve compiled a list of 30+ best tricks that you need to know in the next few minutes. Now let’s take a look at the stuff below.

1:- Developer Options

By default, when you take out your device for the first time from the box or reset it, the Developer option isn’t enabled. But you can enable it from the setting of your phone.

To enable it, just go to About device in your phone’s setting & click on Build Number 7 times & there you’ll see a notification of activation of the feature.

We’ll discuss the importance of this feature in the upcoming steps.

2:- Verify Apps

Have you ever noticed that the apps you download from external sources are harmful to your device? Installing Apps from all external sources aren’t harmful but you & I don’t know which one is harmful & which one isn’t.

So this Verify Apps feature allows you to get notification of any app you install from some external sites that are harmful to your phone.

To enable this feature, go to Security of your phone’s setting & scroll down & enable Verify Apps.

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3:- Hidden Game Trick & Version

Have you ever discovered a hidden trick (game) in the About device of your phone? Go to About Device & click on Android Version several times simultaneously & you’ll get first a KitKat logo if you’re using a KitKat device or Samsung S4 & then you’ll get the phone’s version & then the game.

4:- Owner Info

When you have bought your new device or you have locked your device by a code or a pattern & have lost it then there is no clue to get your device back because no one would know what the phone belongs to.

But with the help of Owner Info feature, you can write & show the owner info or a note on the lock screen of your device which can help you when you have lost your phone or someone is trying to unlock your phone by wrong passwords & patterns.

This feature only works if you have enabled a security on your phone such as screen lock by pattern or password. You can also find this feature in the lock screen widgets.

5:- Flash Notification

This feature allows you to light up the camera flash whenever you get a notification on your phone. To enable this, go to your phone’s setting > Accessibility > Flash Notification & enable it.

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6:- Device Encryption

If you want to entirely secure your device from an unauthorized people & users then this feature will be a good choice for you. It encrypts your device & whenever then you restart your phone you’ll be prompted to enter the code you have used while encrypting your phone.

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7:- Multi Window

If you are one of those who wants to do everything quickly on their smartphones then this is a handy feature for you.

To enable this, go to your phone’s setting > display & enable Multi Window feature.

In Galaxy S4, it’s available but if you’re using any older version phone then you might not get it.

8:- Windows Animation Scales (Increase Performance)

We talked earlier about the Developer Options. If you have enabled it then go to it, scroll down & you’ll get some animation scales. All you have to do is decrease its scale to 0.5 or entirely make it off.

By doing this, there will be no animation on your phone & everything will open on your phone instantly.

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9:- Unknown Sources

You might be well aware of this feature that allows you to install apks files from external sources. I always suggest you to not enable this feature without the use of it.

If you’re going to install apks files from external sources then you’ll need to enable this. You can find it in the Security option of your phone.

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10:- Assistant Menu

Have you damaged the keys (buttons) of your android phone? If so then you don’t need them.

Assistant menu allows you to do the same as the home menu, back button, power off & on & volume up & down do.

This can also be one of the useful tricks if you don’t want to click on any of the buttons for performing the action.

For enabling this feature, go to Accessibility of your phone’s setting & under the Mobility, enable Assistant menu.

11:- Battery Percentage

By default, we are just able to see the level of our battery on our devices. But while seeing the percentage with the battery icon, you’ll be able to check & keep a closer watch at your battery percentage & can charge your mobile at the right time.

To enable this feature, go to Display of your phone’s setting & enable the Display battery percentage.

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12:- LED Indicator

In certain android smartphones, you’ll see there are some kinds of lights that light up when you get a notification or charge your phone.

By default, it is enabled but you can edit it & also disable it right from your android phone.

To enable or edit this, go to the LED Indicator option in your phone’s setting & enable it if it is disabled.

13:- Date & Time Trick

Did you know? if the time on your phone is wrong then there are lots of functions & features that won’t work?

For instance, when the time is wrong in your phone then play store & other google products won’t work.

To get rid of failure of functions, just go to Date & Time in your phone’s setting & select your correct time zone & time or simply you can use the automatic options.

14:- Edit After Screen Capture

Most of the times, when we take a screenshot on our phone, we then edit it in the gallery after it is captured. But now you don’t need to go to the screenshot to edit it.

With the help of this feature, you can easily get the screenshot editor after you take a screenshot on your phone.

To enable this, go to the Display Setting of your phone & enable the Edit after screen capture.

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15:- Play Store Apps & Games Auto Update

No matter you’re using Wifi or Mobile Data. Both can spend you a huge amount of data when you have enabled the play store auto update option.

Let’s assume you’ve downloaded & installed 20 apps & games on your phone from Play Store. Now every week the apps’ & games’ developers update their apps & games. So whenever there is an update rolled out, your play store automatically updates your installed apps & games without your permission as per you have enabled the auto update option.

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I always recommend you to disable this feature or at least make it promptly before it starts updating the app & game.

To disable the feature, go to Play Store’s setting & you’ll see under the General “Auto-Update apps”. All you need to do is change it to Do not auto-update apps.

Now there are certain apps & games that don’t work if you have oldest version installed. So to keep an eye on the updates, simply scroll down & under the Notifications, enable App Updates Available & you’ll get an update notification whenever there is an update available.

16:- Chrome Dinosaur Game For Offline Users Trick

Chrome has lots of features for its Online users. But still, chrome is helping users who don’t have an internet connection. You might have passed through any web page & have seen a Dinosaur when you didn’t have an internet connection.

If you are bored while don’t have an internet connection then what are you looking for? Just open Chrome browser on your android app, visit any web page e.g, google.com & you’ll get a Dinosaur. All you have to do is tap it & play it.

17:- Wifi Timer

If you have wifi in your office or anywhere else & want to connect your phone to Wifi in some part of the day then Wifi Timer is a handy option for you.

It can help you to not run wifi on your phone except in the time you have specified.

To enable wifi time, go to Wifi > Advanced & enable & choose starting & ending time.

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18:- Notification Panel

There are many options in the Notification Panel such as Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation etc. What if you could change it according to your wish?

In Samsung Galaxy S4, there is an option you can use to change or add new options to your Notification Panel. To find out this option, Go to Display of your phone’s setting & click on Notification Panel.

19:- Power Saving Mode

You might have passed by the Power Saving mode feature in your Samsung S4 or other devices. But did you know this could be a battery life extender? When this mode is enabled, your phone will never drain its battery quickly because your phone will not let high-performances apps run.

20:- Stop (Running) & Disable Useless Apps & Games

There are lots of pre-installed apps that are useless in your phone. We’ve heard about Rooting android smartphones lots of times & its advantages. But if your device isn’t rooted then you can still disable the pre-installed apps on your phone.

To do that, simply go to Application Manager in your phone’s setting & then go to ALL tab & disable those apps that are useless such as Group Play, S Memo, Samsung Apps etc.

Now go to the Running Tab & you’ll see that lots of apps are running in the background of your phone. All you need to do is stop those which are useless from processing.

21:- Show Touches

Showing touches on your phone’s screen has its own benefits. For instance, when you record your screen etc.

You can find Show touches option in the Developer options under the Input.

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22:- Security Level

If you’re under the attack then your phone is able to confront the hackers. The feature is a handy & extremely useful for every user. Tailored especially for Politicians, Police volunteers etc that are under the attack etc.

You can find out this feature in the security of your device‘s setting under the Device Administration.

Besides that, you can also increase protection on your phone by updating the security policy under the Security update service.

23:- Interaction Control

Interaction control is one of the best-hidden tricks that allows you to block some part or the entire screen of your device.

To enable Interaction control feature, go to Accessibility in your phone’s setting, scroll down & enable the option & then follow the steps or simply press & hold Menu key & volume down key simultaneously to use the feature.

24:- Chrome Link Shortcut In Home Screen

Do you visit facebook or other sites frequently on your phone’s chrome browser? If yes, then you can add the shortcut of the site link straight in your phone’s homepage & can access the web page directly without searching for them on the web again.

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To add web pages to the home screen of your phone, all you have to visit the web page & then click on Setting of chrome browser & in the list of options, click on Add to Home screen.

25:- Change your apps’ icons

Have become bored with the old icons of your phone’s apps?

Now you can change the entire phone’s icons with brand new icons.

You’ll need the following apps in order to change the icons on your phone.

  1. Go Launcher Z or any other launcher
  2. Retrorika icon pack (Retrorika is a paid icon pack which you need to buy in Play Store) or any other one.

Please take a look at our blog which in next blog posts, we’ll be sharing with you some helpful android tips tricks that how you can change your phone’s icons & entirely make it awesome.

26:- Test If Your Phone Is ORIGINAL!

Original Samsung smartphones allow you to test them whether you’re using the original one or not. This can be beneficial when you’re buying a new smartphone or tricking your friends by this trick.

To test out your phone, type this in the dial pad of your phone. No matter if you have Mobile sim inserted or not. Code: *#0*#

27:- Flight Mode

Is your phone draining or don’t recharge the battery quickly while you don’t use it? There is a simple solution to it. All you have to do is enable the Flight Mode when you’re charging your phone or not using it.

28:- View Wifi Password

Did you know when you connect any wifi to your phone, your phone saves the password? If someone has connected wifi to your phone without telling you the password then you can easily view it without asking him for the Password.

But before doing this, make sure your phone is rooted or otherwise, this method won’t work for you.

To do that, simply go to Play Store and download this app & open it & there you’ll see a list of saved wifi passwords.

You can also read our blog post on 7 ways to view wifi password on Android & on PC & you can also read a post on how to change your wifi password here.

29:- Recording You Phone’s Screen

Have you ever watched any video that is recorded on phone? You might have lots of times. But now you can record your own android phone’s screen & upload to youtube & other video sharing platforms.

For recording android smartphones’ screen, you’ll need to download some apps such as Mobizen or SCR PRO apk which you can find it on their official site.

30:- Custom Keys Right On Android

If back, home & recent keys aren’t working on your android device then you need to use a simple & small app to bring all the keys back to your android phone. The app you’re going to download is Multi-action Home Button.

31:- Watch Youtube Videos On (lock) Off Screen On Android

You might like to watch youtube videos on your android phone while the screen is locked But Youtube doesn’t allow this & you’ll need to always keep your screen active in order to watch the videos.

But still you can watch youtube videos on your android locked screen by using the Blackr – OLED Screen Off app which has a good rating & nice reviews given by users.

After Android Hidden Tips Tricks, Now The Last Words

We’ve compiled a list of android hidden tips tricks that we hope you’ll like very much. But besides that, we also looking forward to hearing from you. We always appreciate our readers’ comments so always be a genius & drop your valuable comment in the comments below.

Lastly, you’d have heard that Sharing Is Carrying, So share it with your friends & help your friends if they haven’t yet checked this awesome guide of more than 2500 words & 30+ hidden tips tricks.


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