How to backup text messages and contacts in Android

By | June 24, 2016

Welcome to the new article on how to backup text messages and contacts in android. In this article, we’ll be sharing the Android app function which you can use to take the Android Phone SMS & Contacts backup.backup-text-messages-and-contacts-in-android

Now, you don’t need to worry about losing your mobile Sim Data. All you need to do is to read the whole article & then implement it to take the backup & restore the files whenever you want.

Download Super Backup App to your Android Device

Go to play store & Download the Super Backup App & install on your android device. This is a free app which you can use without creating an account but in the free version, there will be ads in the app but you can also remove the ads by purchasing the pro version of the app.

How To Backup Text Messages & Contacts

First, go & open the Super Backup App. Once you opened the app you’ll see some options like APPs, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendars, Bookmarks, and Remove ads. You can backup all these. But I’ll just show you how to backup Text Messages & Contacts.

Now, click the SMS option, then click the BACKUP button & type whatever name you want for the backup file and then hit the OK button to complete the process. For Contacts, open the contacts option, click Backup, then type any name or simply keep it by default & then hit the Ok button to start taking backup.

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You can do the same process for all other things such as Apps backup, Call logs etc.

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Can I schedule the Text Messages & Contacts Backup?

Of course, Super Backup provides very good features to its users. One of their features is that it provides you the schedule option which automatically backs up your files if you have enabled the schedule feature.

To enable it, visit the app setting & open the Schedule setting, there you’ll see some good options for your backup such as Regular SMS Backup, & Regular Contacts Backup etc. For example, if you want to schedule the backup for Contacts then simply open the Regular Contacts Backup & select the day or week you want the app to take backup automatically.

Can I Send BackUp Files to Cloud Server?

You might be asking this question from yourself but I’m going to clear it that you can send your backup files to Google Drive. All you need to do is connect the Google Drive with the Super Backup android app.

You can also send the backup files to your Gmail account & as well as you can save the files in any other phone or SD Card.

How To Restore Text Messages & Contacts Back

If you have lost your contacts or SMS and want to restore the backup of your files back then it’s not so difficult task. All you need to do is Just open Sms option, hit the RESTORE button, select your backed up file & hit OK. You can do the same process for Contacts & other things which are available in the app.

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Last Words

If this article helped you backing up your text messages and contacts in android then take a small portion of time and share our words with the world & if you have any question then we’re here to help you as soon as possible.


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