Best 10 Must-Have Free Apps For UnRooted Android Devices

By | November 26, 2016


We most of the time spend our time playing with our android devices. Sometimes we use facebook, twitter, Whatsapp or youtube. But today I’m going to share with you some of my best favorites must have android apps that work for unrooted android devices for free as well.

Play Store is the main marketplace for all the android apps & games developers & owners where they first introduce & roll out their applications & games. There are lots of helpful apps you’ll get in the play store but before searching for them, let’s try some of these that I recently tested & now going to share with you in this short post.

Amazing 10 Free APPs For Every UnRooted Android Devices:

1:- Youtube – Video Sharing & Watching PlatForm

What? Youtube?,

I know you might be well aware of this thing but trust me this is my all time favorite app & platform where I create & share my own videos to teach others & earn a little bit & also before sleeping, I watch some helpful videos on it & enjoy it. At this time, I’m keen of watching How to Train Your Dragon.

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You’ll also like youtube as it is the second most visited platform in the online realm which you would be one of the watchers. Youtube is owned by google & it’s currently operated & developed by Google itself.

2:- ES File Explorer

Using ES File Explorer is very useful for the users who want to get new features in their android devices. Without Es File Explorer, You won’t get as many benefits from your device as you could get when you had this app installed.

There are numerous things you can do with this explorer. Major features you can use when you have rooted your device but still, there are some useful features you can use without rooting your device.

3:- Hello Engish

Yes, this app is only for English lovers & learners. There are some admirable features in the app that you can use to take your English knowledge to the next level.

Basic feature of the app is that you can get it for free & can start learning everything instantly. The app has also some other good features such as there is a chatting system you can use to send any sentence to the staff you don’t know how to translate it into English or any other language & they will send you the answer soon.

4:- Slide – Earn Free Recharge

A First Pakistani app that gives you free recharge every time you unlock your android screen is called Slide. Yes, Slide is the best ever reward giving an app that you can use to put some extra recharge to your phone without spending money.

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The app works by two ways. The first way is that you need to unlock the screen to earn some recharge whereas the second way is that you need to invite your other friends to the app to earn a massive amount of free recharge with some prizes.

5:- Zedge

Did you know the power of beauty? Zedge is a free multipurpose android app that you can use to get a bunch of free HD wallpapers, ringtones, icons & many others for your android device for free.

6:- Primer by Google

A google based an android app that teaches you everything about marketing & related to businesses. The lessons given in the app are so simple & have lots of stories & examples that make you understand on everything.

The app is tailored especially for business owners & peoples who operate businesses & want to learn how to market. I’m also one of them who use this app on their android devices. I love the app so much & hope you will love too.

7:- Greenify

Ever wondered why your device is spending its battery very quickly? That’s because there are certain even all apps & games that most of the time become active & start running in the background of your device.

But Greenify works both on rooted & on unroot devices & make you get rid of such apps that run on the background of your device without your permission.

Keeping this app is recommended for all the users who want to not lose their device’s battery without doing anything.

8:- Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

The more you use your device, the more junk files will be reproduced.

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Clean Master is a must have cleaner app that cleans everything that is useless in your android device. The app has also game booster & app locker feature that you don’t need to use any other 3rd party application for the same purposes.

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9:- Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Bluelight Filter is a life saver. It keeps you eyes protected from the harmful rays of your android device’s screen. It is always recommended for all the users when they spend much time watching at their smartphones.

10:- Omni Swipe – Small, Quick

A simple but very stylish android app make your phone entirely stylish. You can use this app to add a swipe bar on the sidebar of your phone screen to get any app & game instantly & also the app makes you phone very cool & fantastic.

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These apps are quite useful apps that make your life much easier & stylish. There are numero guys that would have different ideas & comments. Isn’t that?

Go ahead & drop your comments in the comments below & I will happily reply to each of your comments.

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