Best Android Apps For English Learning Lovers 2016

By | October 13, 2016

People are crazy about Learning English. Many of the people think English is the toughest language in the world.

But here I should clear that this is the easiest language ever when you have a little knowledge about it. When you get a little knowledge about it, it makes you crazy to learn more about it & makes you keen of it.

No one can refuse its difficulty for newbies but having a lot of resources of learning online & offline have made it quite easy for learners.


Here are some of the best android apps for English learning lovers that I’ve compiled in this post that can help you improve your speaking, reading & learning ability even more.

1:- Hello English – Learn English

With the vast features & options, Hello English is the powerful app for English lovers. The app is free of cost but also has in-app purchases available that you can later on use to buy more features.

The app allows you to learn English in your own language such as in Urdu, Hindi & many others. It has different methods that you can use such as, You can play games, you can read articles, you can have conversation with a bot. you can watch videos with Subtitles & audios & also you can read books.

The app has by default English dictionary that lets you easily find the meaning of a word by going to its category or by searching the word in the search option.

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[appbox googleplay com.CultureAlley.japanese.english]

2:- Learn English with Aco

Aco is another powerful android app that allows you to chat with a chatbot, improve your listening, improve your speaking, improve your vocabulary & if you have any sentence you want to translate into your own language then it also does it for you.

[appbox googleplay com.acobot.en]

3:- VoLT – Vocabulary Learning

VoLT is a must have app for every user that is one kind of English Dictionary which has hundreds of words with very easy explanations.

There are hundreds & even thousands of tough words in the English Language that this app makes them easier for you.

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[appbox googleplay com.rrpublication.volt.volt]

4:- Learning English for BBC (LEB)

Listening to English Stories, Articles & fun talking is the best way to learn & improve English. LEB is a dedicated app for listening to articles, Dramas & guides which you can use Online as well as Offline with Transcript.

The app is offering Pronunciation learning, Grammar learning & Vocabulary Learning features.

[appbox googleplay com.dragonlab.bbclearningenglish]

5:- English Grammar Test

If you’re interested in learning English Grammar then this app is a must-have app for you. Once you learn some of the grammar, you’ll then be able to chat with other English Learners online in the app.

[appbox googleplay]

These are a list of best apps that are being used by millions of people around the globe. If you like any of them or if you’re using any app that helps you then don’t hesitate to share your ideas about them in the comments below.


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