11+1 Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

By | June 22, 2016

When it comes to buying any smartphone the first question is asked about the battery lifetime that whether the phone will drain the battery quickly or not.

Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

Basically, Every Android Phone has been installed a decent application when it comes from the manufacturer and in addition, we continuously download new apps & games on our Android Smartphone for fun or for any small task that is the cause of the drainage of the battery.Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

Downloading more apps and games are the cause of the consumption of  the battery life even if you’re not using them but they are running on your Android Phone Background. So in this Article, I am going to share those Best Battery Saving Apps For Android which you can install on your android device to stop unwanted background running apps.

Note: I’m sharing this list on behalf of my own experience and the performance of the Apps. Neither I promote these apps nor I support any App Developer. We only provide important apps to our readers in a good manner.

List Of Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

  1. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

    This is a powerful Battery Saving app which you can use to optimize your Battery in one click optimize button. The App layout is very simple & easy to use. It shows the estimated remaining time for the battery. There are more features there out in the app which are listed below.
    – One clicks battery optimization
    – Separate tab for battery information such as Temperature, Voltage, and health level of the battery.
    – Shortcuts for Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Mobile Data, Brightness, and rotation etc in a separate tab in the app dashboard.best battery saving apps for android

  2. Greenify

    Greenify is one of the Best Android App which has been developed to put those applications into hibernation which a user doesn’t want to run in the background of the Android Phone. It keeps the hibernated application into sleeping mode unless the user opens it. All you need to do is to add those apps & games to the list of hibernation and hit the hibernate button.
    Its features are very simple, all you need to do it to hibernate the apps and you are all set.

  3. Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

    The world’s most trusted android speed booster & security app is known as Clean Master. Apart from that, it works as an Android Security application which is more acceptable among the Users.This is the more downloaded app from Android Play Store and if you ask someone about the security app for your android phone, they will definitely suggest you this app as it is growing like a wind in the Android Users’ mind. There are plenty features there out in the app which can be used to improve the overall android performance.
    – Memory booster
    – Device Storage & Ram usage information
    – Junk files Killer
    – Antivirus Feature
    – App Manager
    – CPU Cooler that helps you control consuming more battery
    – Battery Saver Feature
    – Game Booster
    – Notification Toggle with different styles with the most popular switches shortcuts
    – Floating Widget Feature
    – There are many Settings in the setting tab which you can use to improve the overall job of the Clean Master to help you provide better user experience.

  4. Battery optimizer and Widget

    Battery optimizer and Widget is a fully featured battery optimizer and app manager that boost the life of your battery free of cost. There are many popular features there out in the app that you can get advantage from to improve the performance of your Android Battery.
    – Battery Info
    – 3 (Three) steps Charging system
    – Battery Consumption rank for apps & hardware
    – Custom Profiles/Modes
    – Memory Cleaner

  5. Just Battery Saver

    Just Battery Saver is a unique style layout battery saving app that you can easily use to enhance the performance of your Battery. This app comes with many good features for good user experience. It provides you a small job to optimize your battery in one click. Estimates the Remaining time of the battery life with the battery level.
    – Checks the temperature of the phone & cools the phone according to the situation
    – Recommended Apps Tab that you can download top best apps
    – Kills the junk files from the depth of your Android Phone
    – Unique tab for popular Switches such as Wifi, BlueTooth, Brightness, & sound etc
    – Battery flow chart (History Chart)
    – Custom profiles & Schedule feature (Schedule feature is coming soon)
    – Battery Information
    – Stops all Running apps that consume the most of the battery

  6. PowerPRO – Battery Saver

    PowerPro is a free Best Battery Saving App For Android that offers intelligent features & Customizable Profiles that you can use according to your need to improve the battery life. This app comes with some major features and stylish layout that everyone will want to keep this installed on his/her Android Smartphone.
    – Free App
    – Stylish Layout
    – One Click Battery Optimization
    – Super Optimization function that hibernates the apps that consume the most of the battery
    – Smart Sync feature that saves even more
    – Estimated power remaining Time on each job of your Smartphone
    – Different Profiles that you can use according to your need
    – Usage of the Apps
    – 3 (Three) Steps Recharging System
    – Available in different languages
    – If you want to guide yourself on the use of the app, then you can learn everything on the support page.

  7. Battery Saver (Boost & Clean)

    Battery saver offered by the McAfee (Intel Security) team that is designed to optimize & extend the Android Battery life with some unique features. Apart from battery saving it also works as an Android Cleaner which is good for users because they will not need to download any other app for android cleaning purpose.
    – Memory Booster
    – Battery Optimizer
    – Device Storage Cleaner
    – Junk Files Cleaner
    – Mobile Data Manager
    – Sticky Notification Bar

  8. CM Battery

    CM Battery is a power-saving free app that has been developed by the developers behind the Clean Master & Battery Doctor. It has especially been designed to optimize the battery life of the Android Device.
    – Free App
    – Simple Layout & Easy To Use
    – One Click Battery Detector & Optimizer
    – Notification Bar with Battery info
    – Including Top Saving Tools
    – Ignore (Whitelist) list for Apps

  9. Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru

    Snapdragon Battery Guru is a powerful battery saving app that is designed for Android devices to boost the battery life and protects the battery from unwanted apps consumption. For the first time, when you download this app it learns about your device that how do you use it and what apps do you use and what not. After, it automatically keeps the phone battery optimized and you won’t need to configure the app.

  10. Avast Battery Saver

    You might be using Avast Antivirus on your PC and will be well familiar with the Avast Performance. The Avast Developers have developed this Battery saver app for Android Users to extend the life of your Android Battery. Though the app has no much functions but the available functions can do the same things such as other battery savers do. The Avast Developers has claimed that this app can squeeze up to 20% life of your battery by killing & stopping useless applications & games which are running on the background of your smartphone.
    – One Click Battery Optimization feature
    – stops useless apps & games that run in the background of your phone without your permission
    –  Different types of profiles that you can use according to your need
    – Whitelist Feature for your apps that where you can add apps that cannot be stopped during the optimization process
    – Avast Battery Saver Simple Notification bar

  11. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

    This app is a super easy app that has been developed by the Go Dev Team.  Go Battery Saver extends the battery life by optimizing it. It has plenty features which are listed below.
    – CPU Cooling function
    – Junk Files Cleaner
    – Estimated Remaining Time Info
    – Power Consumption history (Chart)
    – Different types of modes
    – 3 (Three) Steps Charging System
    – Shows the usage Of the Apps that consume more energy
    – Custom Widgets & Notification Style

  12. Du Battery Saver Pro & Widgets

    Du Battery Saver is the world’s leading app for saving the android battery life & it can save up to 50% of the battery life according to the developers of this app. This App comes with some major PRO features that can be used to extend the battery life instead of wasting on useless applications & Games.
    – Boost the battery life up to 50%
    – Stylish layout & easy to use functions
    – Battery Level History (Chart)
    – Customized Modes (Profiles)
    – 3 (Three) Steps Charging System
    – Monitor the apps that are consuming the more energy of the battery
    – Game Booster
    – One of the best features in the app is that you don’t need to buy the pro version. Just Earn DU Coins & Buy the pro version with that coins
    – Super Easy & No1 feature in the app is that it also gives you the swiping function & you’ll not need to download any other app for the SWIPE task. All you need to do is to enable the DU Swipe function
    – Available in many languages such as English, Arabic, & Bahasa Indonesia etc

The Bottom Line

It is an awesome list of Best Battery Saving Apps For Android that you can select one of them to download for free for battery optimization. If you have any battery saving app that we haven’t discussed in the list, or you have already downloaded the apps from the list above? then let us know which app helps you more.

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