Best Social Media Apps 2019

By | June 29, 2019

Nowadays, everyone is using social media apps. People prefer social media on electronic and print media.

There can be three types of main uses of Social Media.

Firstly, people use social media for time passing.

Secondly, they use social media to get information about the latest trends.

Thirdly, they use social media to get in touch with their dear ones.


Best Social Media Apps 2019

You can also use social media for business marketing, but you should know the better tricks to increase your business with the use of your social media accounts.

Do you want to use social media to get more sales?

It’s great. There are different social media apps. I will discuss those apps and guide you to use them for business marketing.

1- Facebook

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms. Millions of people from different parts of the world use this platform. So, it is a great opportunity for you to spread your business to a big audience free of cost. You can add more friends, create pages, create groups, join groups to target more audience. I hope you will be successful in getting more sales by using this social media platform for your business marketing.

Moreover, you can also do paid promotion on this platform. In paid promotion, you can target a specific type of audience related to your business. For this purpose, you should create your business page and share your products on this page. Now the time has come to promote your products.

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2- WhatsApp

It is another social media platform that is used by people for instant sharing of photos, videos, documents, locations, and much more. You cannot create paid promotions on this app, but you can collect the contacts of people to send them messages about your products. Moreover, you can also join groups to share your business.

Many people have a huge list of contacts and provide services to people for their business marketing through the use of WhatsApp. The benefit of this app is that you can use it without seeing ads all the time. Its ad-free app. Moreover, there are mods of this app like GB Instagram with some extra features.

3- YouTube

YouTube is another platform for your business marketing, but it is different from previous ones. You can say that it is a video search engine. You can make some eye-catching video related to your business and upload them on YouTube to spread your voice. It is very easy to rank your videos on top pages if you are going to hire an SEO expert.

Moreover, you can also do paid promotion of your business on this platform. Google is an owner company of YouTube, and it is a trusted platform for your business promotion. Many exciting features will help you a lot to target a specific audience.

4- Instagram

In this modern era, if you have following on social media, then you are doing very well. Otherwise, you are doing something wrong. So, Instagram is a platform to share videos, photos, and stories with followers. You have to increase your following on Instagram to get more sales. For this purpose, you have to write a catchy bio on your account and catchy captions with the photos.

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Moreover, you can also do the paid promotion on this platform. It is thesub-company of Facebook andprovides the facility of paid promotion. There are many mods of this app like GB Instagramand Instagram plus to use the same app with extra features.


I hope you have found it very useful for your business. Don’t forget to leave your feedback. If you need any specific information about business marketing on social media, then you can ask me in comments. Thanks for visiting!


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