Best Ways To Download Youtube Videos Right On Your Android

By | September 10, 2016

We have been posting helpful guides & tricks about different things such as best ways to convert youtube videos to mp3  & best ways to download videos from & in this post, we’re going to learn how to download youtube videos right on your android smartphone fast & safely.

Youtube is the largest video sharing platform that is rich of learning videos (tutorials), entertainment videos, inspirational videos, health videos & much more but we can’t watch these videos if we don’t have the internet access to it.


Always using youtube over the internet connection is a little headache because no one knows that whether the internet will work at the specific time or not & also you can’t watch youtube videos if your phone screen is off nor you can watch videos offline (with the help of a new feature, you can now watch videos offline as well).

Fastest & Easiest Best Ways To Download Youtube Videos On Android Phone

We know that youtube doesn’t allow users to download videos from its platform but if you grant the permission from its owner then there is nothing illegal in it. Here are some tools I’m going to share with you that can help you & you can use it freely & very easily.

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#1 TubeMate

Everyone nowadays using TubeMate on their devices & we also know that Play Store has removed the TubeMate app from its directory because as we said earlier that youtube’s policy doesn’t allow anyone to download videos from its platfomr & TubeMate violates the policy.

If you’ve granted the permission from the owner of the video you’re going to download through any app then you can & you can use the TubeMate. You need to download the TubeMate as an apk from an external source by clicking here.

#2 Use KeepVid Site/Tool

Open youtube on your phone browser, play video & copy the video link from the browser search bar.


Now open a new tab in your browser, & visit

Paste the video link in the input box & hit the download button. You’ll get some different video resolution download links, select any of them & hit the  download link & the video will download to your android phone using the default android downloader.


#3 Use KeepVid To Download Youtube Videos On Android Using Es File Explorer

Downloading using the default android downloader takes too much time to download any file so here I’ll show you how you can use Es File Explorer to download videos from keepvid.

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Paste the video link in the input box, hit the download button when a list of download links come up, copy any link from the download mp4 links .

Now, open Es file explorer on your android device, in the left sidebar, under the tools, click on Download Manager.

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Now click on + New icon & then in the Path input box, paste the download link & hit Download Now. Your video file will be downloaded to your mobile device & it will be in the es file explorer download manager.


#4 Download Videos Directly from Youtube Platform

Visit on your phone browser,  play any video, remove s from https:// & then type ss after the http://m. and before the . such as ( ).

After doing that, you’ll be taken to the site where you can easily & freely download any type of resolution video to your smartphone.


Hope these best ways might be enough for you. If you have any question regarding this article & about these methods then feel free to ask me in the comment form below.

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