Best Ways To Improve Your English On Android Phone

By | September 7, 2016

We better know that the English Language is being spoken all over the world & by every person. Either it could be a native speaker or not but English is the most spoken language & we also know that in this modern era, countries whose national language is not English, still tend to learn & spread the English language in their lands.

It is true that learning English is not easy if we don’t have an environment where we can communicate with each other & have the conversation. But as we know that in this modern era, we have all the resources & which we can use to do everything because Allah (SWT) has granted us all the resources that we should get the benefit of it & to show gratitude.


There are many best ways that you can use to learn English such as you can take an admission in institutes, colleges & schools where the English Language is taught to students & you can learn it.

Also, you can spend sometimes & have conversation in English with someone else who has the knowledge of English & can speak English well with no grammatical mistakes. But remember that Don’t feel Shy because the biggest enemy of us is Shyness. So always be proud of yourself & don’t feel shy when you speak English with someone or doing something else.

There is another biggest thing for us that we can use to learn & improve our English very easily. Nowadays, we all have android phones/smartphones & we use it at least for 2 to 4 hours daily by enjoying facebook or watching videos. If you want to improve your English then this is possible with smartphones because they have all the features & the resources that we can use to improve our English language.

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Here I’m sharing some best ways with you that can help you to improve your English speaking, listening & writing right on your smartphone.

#1 Improve Your Vocabulary

The necessity for any language to learn is to remember it’s vocabulary/words. There are many android vocabulary building apps & games are available in the play store that you can use to improve your vocabulary. You can also improve it by reading articles, stories & watching vocabulary building videos which are available on Youtube or other Video sharing websites.

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#2 Read Your Favorite Books, Stories, Articles, News, Videos & How-To Guides

Reading your favorite stories, articles & other things in English not only helps you to improve your English language but also with that, you can learn vocabulary, how to read, their writing style, how to write in English, how to focus on a topic & much more.


There are tons of articles, videos & how-to guides that you should read & watch in your daily life which can help you to learn more & more.

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#3 Chat With Others In The English Language

Always find a person who is an expert in English language & chat with him when you have a spare time. If there is no one around you then you might have facebook installed on your phone. Just make any friend who speaks English language & chat with him in your spare time which will be very helpful for you.

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There are many apps as well that you can use on your android device to chat with others & improve your Eng Language.

[appbox googleplay com.acobot.en]

#4 Write, Write & Just Write

Once you have read something in English then try to jot it down in your own words on the paper & do it every day in your spare times but don’t give up. You might be writing completely wrong sentences & phrases but Just write & write what you know if there are grammatical mistakes or not .

#5 Improve Your English Grammar

When you write all the time, your grammar will be improved with the passage of time but you can also use some other ways that can help you to remove grammatically mistakes from your writing & speaking.

  • Download English Grammar Learning Apps from play store
  • Learn Grammar in your own mother language
  • Practice English Grammar

If you have a PC then there are many tools & sites that you can use such as Grammarly, & many others to know & improve your grammar mistakes very easily for free.

Hope these tips will help you. If you have any question or have any other best way that can help others then do post it below in the comment form. I’ll happily join your conversation below.

Thanks for with us 🙁


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