How To Change Facebook BG Theme Color Permanently On Chrome

By | September 17, 2016

Did you know that you can easily & freely change the look, design, color & appearance of some sites online on Chrome such as Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Twitch & Amazon.

Here I’m going to show you how you can do that with one simple chrome extension named Fabulous.


First of all, download the Fabulous extension from the link below.

[appbox chromewebstore phakiphhfacalfioninjbkaiikkacglf?hl=en-US]

Now here a question comes that:

How To Use Fabulous To Change Facebook BackGround Theme Color Permanently?

Well, when the fabulous is downloaded, just install it on your chrome & then click on it.

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Once you click on that icon, a new small window will open. (Screenshot)


Click on Facebook & grant permission to the page by clicking on “Allow” & there you’ll be taken to the facebook. Once you’re on the facebook page, click on that fabulous icon again & a new window will open with some new options.


With Fabulous Tool/Extension, You can Do The Following With Facebook

You Can

  1. Change header color
  2. Change BG (Background) color & Picture & Pic Size
  3. Change text, link color & text font & size
  4. Add custom cursor
  5. Block Ads
  6. Change HomePage Layout
  7. Change Notifications

& There is also another feature that you can use to disable those posts which have any text available that you don’t want to show up on Facebook.

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To block those kinds of posts, just in the Homepage story filter, add some words & whenever there is any post contains that text will not be showing up on facebook.

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You can also use this extension on other sites with the same procedure.

Hope you’ll like this. If you’ve any question then do let me know about it.


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