4 Signs You Need a Cloud based Payroll Software For Your Company

By | March 26, 2019

Every HR’s work should not be hectic as compared to their working patterns which were a few years ago. The difficulty, complexity, and workload of working out HR tasks for all the employees were equally proportional to the size of the organization. The HR team was required to keep a close eye on all the variable pay of employees including the statutory compliance which is imposed by the government of the particular region. A centralized system which has fewer operability concerns was required very much by the HR team so that is able to concentrate on their main functionality. Companies were introduced to cloud-based payroll software which was able to process the human resource related tasks more efficiently and in no time. Payroll Software as a core played a very important role which was integrated into attendance, leave, & performance management of the employee to generate a perfect remuneration for the workforce. If your company and HR team is facing issues in managing and the remunerating employee then it is the perfect time for switching a cloud-based payroll software which will be accessible from anywhere in the world. The significance of implementing SaaS -based payroll is very much from MNCs to small scale organization also, as it plays a very vital role in the development of an organization. This article will justify with four main signs regarding why an organization has a scarce need for SaaS-based HR and Payroll management software.


With the absence of a cloud-based payroll software a company might face serious accessibilities issues which might lead to delay in processing and many things are left unfinished. The information which is to access by the HR or employee cant be done remotely in case you have not implemented an automation solution. Payroll software will provide your employees, managers, and HR with a tremendous option to access the information from any part of the world and HR can also categorize access levels according to the class of employees working in their company. These solutions are accessible on any kind of devices including computers and mobile devices which provides a platform independency to facilitate maximum usability.

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Data Security

Outdated HR management systems were more likely to dissatisfy the organization in terms of being secure. Your company might have an information theft of alteration if the manual system is not physically secure and even if you are opting out to make the tasks performed in the password protected sheet than also it is prone to be lost or cracked. The consequences leading to data being secure are high on the stake in the world where data has become a very critical thing. Have an optimized way of managing your information on the cloud-based payroll software where your information is secured by hardware and software firewalls. This solution ensures that only authorized access is allowed in the system for data viewing and any kind of manipulation. The information is encrypted through private and public key guarantees the integrity of the data which can only be decrypted by the authorized personnel. With data being backed up on a regular basis there are no chances of your information being lost and when in maintenance or crash the system can replicate the backed up data within no time.

A transparent environment

Your company’s HR might have an idea of what happens to the employee’s morale when there is a lack of transparency in the company’s environment. The employees who are not able to communicate with the management gets a feeling of avoidance and may lead to a less interactive atmosphere. Including automation, through payroll and their Employee Self Service portals increases the transparency in the company’s environment where they are facilitated with web and mobile-based interactive platforms. With these portals, the employee is featured with accessibility through which they can automatically generate their salary slips, make application for attendance and leave, mark their attendance and many more things. These services offered in the ESS portals will help the company staff to effectively interact with the management.

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These are the core signs that will help your company to get convinced regarding the necessity of implementing a Cloud-Based Payroll Software for driving performance and efficiency.


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