How To Get Cloudways 14-Days Free Trial Hosting?

By | June 17, 2019

Choosing a web hosting provider is a very crucial task as it is important to find the best web hosting provider in a bunch of hundreds of web hosting companies. The problem is you cannot try all of the web hosting providers to know which one is the best web hosting for you.

Today in this article, I am going to tell you about one of the best web hosting providers which you can try for 14 days for absolutely free. In this free trial, no credit card is required to activate your free trial.

How to Get Cloudways Free Trial

Before getting into deep let’s know in detail about the Cloudways hosting and why it is worth trying.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways hosting is a reliable hosting provider which offers super-fast hosting service. Cloudways uses SSD drives to boost the processing power of the servers which results in faster page load. It also has CloudwaysCND technology which means the access time is reduced and the user can get data from the blog within seconds.

Cloudways provides add-on services for free like SSL certificates and in Cloudways the cost of migration is totally free which means you can migrate your blog from basic server to old and vice versa.

Cloudways Plan Features

Cloudways Hosting Features

1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is most important in the terms of blog growth as it is the limit of users which your blog can handle. If the traffic will be more than the assigned limit then the blog will unable to handle traffic and it will go down.

To handle large traffic you need a sufficient amount of bandwidth limit and Cloudways is providing 1TB bandwidth in its most basic plan and the limit increases with the higher package.

2. SSD Drives

In Cloudways 25GB is provided as the minimum storage and you can get more in higher plans. the processing speed of drives in much faster in Cloudways hosting as it uses SSD drives which are of advanced technology to boost the processing speed of the system.

With 25GB disk storage, your blog will run very smoothly without having any trouble in the data processing. it is proven to multiply the speed of the page load time and provides an amazing user experience.

3. Auto-Healing Servers

Now, in case of an attack on the server or causes any kind of damage in the server then it will start the healing process automatically and it will heal by itself without bothering you. this feature is very productive as it saves a lot of time of yours. Then you can focus on the part at which you are best.

4. SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is an SEO booster for new blog as Google gives higher ranking to blog which has HTTPS domains rather than HTTP. It is a great way to start the blogging with an SEO boost and it is achieved by SSL certificate. The certificate is being offered for free in Cloudways hosting plans. so you don’t have to take trouble in installing it and buying it.

5. Unlimited Migration

In the start you will start with the basic plan which would be best to start but when the blog’s requirements start increasing then you will have to shift to the higher servers at that time the migration process is done and in Cloudways there is no limit on how many times you can migrate your blog to other servers and the best thing is that it is completely free of cost. so you will save a lot of money in the migration fee.

6. Cloudways CDN

Cloudways has CloudwaysCND technology which is the method to increase the data accessing speed from the servers for providing speed, security, user experience. It works as the load on the main server is being directed to the nearest server to the user. This way the distance between user and server reduces and the data is being loaded faster. It is very efficient in terms of speed and managing large traffic on the blog.

7. Daily Backups

In Cloudways all your blog data is being backed up on daily basis to keep the data protected from data loss and also in case if the data is being corrupted then you can recover your blog from the backup.

Cloudways 14 Days Free Trial Hosting

Cloudways Promo Code

In Cloudways you have a chance to try the hosting without purchasing it. it is a golden opportunity for a blogger to try the hosting to know if the hosting is able to fulfill all the requirements of the blog and the speed of the blog is fast for providing amazing user experience.

The steps to get your free trial hosting is very simple and quick. to activate the 14 days Cloudways free trial you don’t need to enter the credit card details. This ensures that no money can be debited from your credit card after the free trial is over.

So, there is no risk in trying the free trial of Cloudways hosting. with this free trial, you can get sure if the web hosting will work for your blog or not before buying it and later regretting.

How To Get 14 Days Free Trial

To get 14 days free trial you have to go to the official website of Cloudways and there you will see the free trial offer. Click on the free trial button and then you will be redirected to fill the registration form.

Fill the registration form and then your account will be activated and you will get 14 days free trial hosting which you can use to host your blog and see for 14 days if the services are working fine.

When you will get satisfied with the service then you be fully sure about the hosting and then you can buy the hosting without any fear of losing your money.

In my recommendation, the Cloudways hosting is the best hosting provider to host your blog and it will increase the ranking of the blog. Cloudways hosting is worth trying for beginners as well as professionals.

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