How To Create A Business Facebook Group

By | August 13, 2016

You might be thinking that Facebook is just for a fun place where Users share videos, ideas, photos, news etc with their other fellows/friends. However, You’re true but now facebook has many features & through that, not Users can Run/Promote their own business but also Facebook is making a high amount of revenue.


If you’re here to learn how to create a business group on Facebook then you’re at the right place looking for the solution.


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Steps To Start A Business Group On Facebook

You might have created an account on Facebook. However, if you haven’t then simply go to & create your own account using your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail etc.

Once you created your own account, follow steps below.

#1 Create Your Own Facebook Group

Log into your account & at the left sidebar you’ll see Groups Click that.


In Your Groups dashboard, Click on Create Group.


Once you click that, a new pop windows will appear.


Name your group: Type any name for your group. e.g Facebook Business

Add some people: Using this feature you can easily add friends to your new group

Select Privacy: In the Select Privacy, if you select Public Group, then anyone will be able to see your group, it’s members as well as it’s posts.

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If you keep it Closed group, then anyone will find your group but only you & your members will be able to see posts inside it.

If you Keep it Secret Group, then only members & you’ll be able to find & see the group posts.

In my opinion, if you’re starting a group for a business, then just select Public because everyone will be able to find your group & will see that what the group offers.

Once the form is filled, hit the Create button & choose an icon for it.

After all that, Your FB group will be created.


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How To Optimize Group For Search Engines & Facebook Users

There are many ways that you can use to optimize your group for search engines as well as Users. Follow the steps below in order to optimize your group.

#1 Change Your Fb Group Banner

The first & foremost thing for you is to change the banner because banner represents the look of your group on facebook. So try to create your own new & eye-catching banner using Adobe Photoshop or hire any designer.

#2 Define What Type Of Group Is Yours

Define the type of your group in the group setting. To do that, Simply go to setting & in the group type, select what your group is about.



#3 Write Description About Your Group

The third step is to write a comprehensive Description of your blog in the group setting. Write all the things you provide to your customers/readers/members as well as write the privacy policy.

#4 Add Tags To Your Fb Group

Tags help people find your group more easily on facebook. Try to add tags so that people would easily find your group on facebook.

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#5 Add Custom URL & Email Address To Your Group

Adding Custom URL to your facebook group is another good SEO practice. If you want people to remember your group then you must add a custom URL & an Email address to your FB group. With the help of this feature not only your members will remember your group Url but also Crawlers will index your group into their Search Engines & you’ll get a boost in your reputation as well as customers.

To add custom Url, follow these steps

  1. Go to setting
  2. In Web & Email Address, click Customize Address & you’ll see a pop-up window
  3. Enter a custom Url in the box for your group & then hit Customize Address


Once it is done, you’ll be able to see this kind of URL of your group:

Instead of this kind:

Now compare what kind of URL you like for your group & what kind of URL will Search Engines Like More?

How To Protect Facebook Group From Spammers?

Nowadays there are a lot of spammers who post & share prohibited things.

If you want to get rid of the spammers then follow these Steps to be always protected from spammers.

#1 Change Posting Permission

If you don’t want someone else to post & share on your group then change the posting permission so that no one even spammer won’t be able to post on your group’s timeline.

  1. Go to Setting & Scroll Down
  2. Change the permission from Members/moderators to admin.


#2 Change Post Approval

By default, everyone can post & share in the group & which their posting are published automatically. If you want to approve these posts yourself before these are published then follow these steps to change post Approval.

  1. Go To Setting & scroll down
  2. Enable Post Approval
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#3 Change MemberShip Permission

For better protection, You can also change the MemberShip permission. By default, Every member can add other people to the group & approve them but if you want to approve them yourself after your members add them to the group then follow these steps.

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Enable this, Any member can add members, but….


How To Get More Members On Facebook Group?

If you have a good amount of friends on your fb account then you can easily invite them to your group & also your group members can add their own friends to the group.

If you want to get targeted members organically then participate in other groups & try popularize your group by sharing it on your other social media accounts such as Tumbrl, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter etc.

Another way of getting targeted members is to mention your group on your blog/site so that people will itself join your group and will become an active member of your it.


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The Bottom Line:

Hope this Guide will help you start your own business facebook group. If you have any question/query regarding this article then let me know in the comment form below.

I tried my best to complete this guide as much as possible. However, if I’ve forgotten anything then don’t hesitate to post it using the comment form below.

If you like this article, do share it on your social media wall. 🙂


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