How To Get A Brand Custom Username/URL For Facebook

By | November 18, 2016

custom username facebook

If you’re on facebook & not using the brand custom username for facebook page or account then you’re missing the important part of SEO.

You might have seen there are millions of users on Facebook & when you search them on Google you’ll find them on the first page of google & facebook & that’s because they have optimized their accounts for search engines.

If you haven’t yet optimized your account then I’m going to show you how you can do it for your own account.

follow these steps.

1:- Log into your facebook account.

2:- Go to facebook setting & then General.

facebook setting

3:- Click on Edit before Username.

4:- Choose SEO friendly custom username if it is available & then click on Save changes.

custom username for facebook

Tips For Choosing SEO (Search Engines Optimized) Username:

  1. Always choose short & readable username.
  2. Add dashes (-) instead of underscores or dots (_,.).
  3. You can use your name or company’s name as well.
  4. Don’t change your username again & again as it will destroy your overall Search Engine Optimization.
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