How to Diagnose and Repair Android Boot Problems

By | December 7, 2016

android boot problem

Android boot problem can occur due to various reasons like software issues, specific app issues, virus issues etc. These issues halt your boot process or sometimes it completely shut your boot process. While you face issues like your device screen stuck at startup or phone restart occur over and over again it sounds problems with the boot process. In this article, we can discuss certain steps to diagnose and repair Android boot problem.

Possible reasons behind Android boot problems

Software customization or manipulation: If your device is stuck or showing some boot problems it may cause due to software customization process you have tried yourself. It also displays that something didn’t go right during the manipulation of original stock operating system.

Android stuck after software updates: This is one of the most common causes that create trouble with Android booting problem.  It may occur due to improper update or update didn’t finish properly.

Trouble due to specific App: A specific app which may be installed or updated recently can cause booting problem. As there are strong chances that the app is not getting along with the device or conflicting with other apps or it may be malfunctioning due to various reasons. Alternatively, you can use Android Cleaner tools to deal with unnecessary data on your device.

Software bug or virus: This is another common reason which halts smooth boot process. Bug or virus on your device may interrupt or completely halt the boot process.

Defective or malfunctioning Memory Card: This is uncommon but easily overlooked reason which may cause trouble for boot process on your device.

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Repair Android boot problems

Enter Safe Mode: Try to boot your device into ‘safe mode’ equal to safe mode on your PC. To do this start it from powered off state. Hold the power button and volume down until the Android boot screen displays. After the boot symbol displays now release the power button but continue holding the volume buttons until the device operating system fully loads. It will display grayed-out icons and the words ‘Safe Mode’ on the lower left side of the screen.

safe mode

Battery Pull: This is the simplest method to fix boot up problems. Simply remove the battery from your device and wait for 10-15 seconds. Now reinsert the battery into your device and power on the device to check if it works properly. If you have a device with a non-removable battery than skip this process.

battery pull

Wipe the Cache: The next solution resides inside of the Android pre-boot environment. Some manufacturers include wipe the cache option from within the recovery and there are some which are using this feature in the bootloader. To wipe the cache from your device, boot into the Android bootloader and choose the recovery option (some manufacturer require additional key presses like pressing and holding the power button and volume down here). Now select wipe cache partition from the given options. Once it is finished wiping the cache reboot the device.

wipe cache partition

If you have installed a new ROM or have CWM (ClockWorkMode Recovery) installed, then access the Advanced menu option under this tool and choose ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ option and then confirm the wipe if necessary.

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Factory Reset: To perform factory reset turn off the device first. Now press and hold the power button and volume down (sometimes volume up button) for few seconds until the device vibrates and enter into Android bootloader or recovery.   Now select Factory Reset option using volume keys to scroll and Power button to select an option. The device will now initiate a restoration of its original factory- new state.


Try a soft and hard reset: To apply soft reset, hold the power button for around 10 seconds and the device will reboot. To apply hard reset, power the device off and hold down the power button and volume down button until the bootloader displays. Now select any option that sounds like a Factory Reset. Typically, a hard reset will remove all the user data from the device and return the device settings back to original factory defaults.

You can follow these simple steps to diagnose and repair Android boot problems in an instant manner. In fact, following these simple steps can help you save your time and efforts while struggling with Android boot problem.

Summary: Android devices are efficient and user-friendly devices which are designed to perform a variety of functions. Due to certain reasons Android devices face problems with its boot process. In this article, we can discuss the ways to diagnose and repair the Android boot problem.

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