How To Display Computer Screen On Android [No USB]

By | July 3, 2016

We have come a long way & we know better about technology that made our lives very easy & that’s why today we’re going to discuss displaying computer screen on android that how to do it without any USB cable. This method is also called Screen Mirroring or Sharing Screen.displaying-computer-screen-on-android

So before going next I want to tell you a story of my relative that how this method helped him when he was out of his computer. So

My relative is an accountant in a foreign country in an American Spare Parts company in UAE who is responsible for all the management of that company but He got the days off & came to his homeland. A few days passed & then one day he received a call from the company about the bill payment but how could he do anything because he was already out of the country.

Then my relative downloaded a Teamviewer android software on PC & called the Company to download the TeamViewer in the accounting Computer as well. So then he connected both devices & he taught all the things that the company wanted from him.


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So you might also know the importance of the screen sharing because you might have also faced such a problem but the young technology has made it for us very easy & we can run our business even if we are in the other corner of the world.

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Guide on Displaying Computer Screen On Android

If you’re ready to display your computer screen on android device remotely then simply follow the steps below.

  1. Download the TeamViewer Software on Your Computer & on Android Phone
  2. Create an Account in the software & then sign in
  3. Open the Software in the Computer  & Type the ID & Password in the TeamViewer App
  4. Once you completed the steps above you’ll be seeing your computer screen on your android

The TeamViewer Remote Control Screenshot

TeamVewier is full of features. i.e, you can also display one computer screen on another computer, you can transfer files from PC to android, you can chat on both devices and much more.

If you’re sharing your devices screen then let me know the performance of the software and if you have any question then I’m here to help you out.


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