Why and How to Download Aptoide

By | October 10, 2016

Are you looking for an alternative for Google Marketplace? Then you sure must be aware of how to download aptoide. It is undeniable that Google play store is single-handedly the authorised and legitimate market for android apps and games where you can download a great number of free and premium apps easily. However, because of the availability of such huge number of games and apps in the Aptoide marketplace, it can without a doubt be called as the best substitute for Play Store. In the current market scenario, there is no other platform which can provide such a great number of amazing games and apps apart from Aptoide and Google play store. You can easily download any game or app that you like from the Aptoide Android app.

This marketplace is growing at a rapid speed. It is recently released and has attained about 100 million downloads in a very short time span. In this article, we will tell you complete details about this app, its amazing features and how you can download aptoide and use it as per your convenience.


To gain access to the huge market place and this app, you need to get its  Apk file on your smartphone. But, you need to keep in mind that this app is an adversary of Google play store and hence you have to get it from the external sources. Now, download the app on your device (tab or smartphone you are using) from its official website. The best feature of this application is that you can get the apk file for all the version of your Android OS. Other than this basic convenience, Aptoide consists of many other features. Given below are some of them:

Firstly, you will not have to spend even a single penny for downloading and all the apps and games can be attained completely free of cost. Another reliable feature of this app store is the ‘compatibility’. You can use this app for both tabs as well as smartphones.  Also, the games and apps can be viewed category-wise as per their rankings by the previous users.

Why do you need to download aptoide?

This is the most common question which comes in mind of many users. Why should one opt for Android Aptoide Marketplace over Google play store? Well, given below are the reasons, check out:

  • This is an ideal app for the people who are unable to get an access to Google play store. In case you are among those who cannot open Google play store on your device, then this is surely going to help you.
  • Many times it happens that after rooting the devices, you may not be able to access the Google play store and can’t install any application. This is a typical issue with the android. Any reboot or a software update might not let you access the play store. However, with Aptoide apk app, your problem can be solved.
  • There are also options to make the internal apps private within Aptoide.
  • Also, for the people who are using this store, they can form a consolidated account where they can handle the entire applications download by the employees through Aptoide apk.
  • It is a unified and a joined app and to get your hand on a number of applications, the only thing which you require is the apk file.
  • This file has been recently updated and the current version is Aptoide 7.0.4. The update makes it polished and level to use and in the latest version, you are only required to think the app genre you are going to get. Just search the genre and get your favourite app downloaded.

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Download Aptoide on android devices:

In case you wish to enjoy the games and apps which are offered by Aptoide, given below are the steps to help you through the procedure of installation:

  1. First thing first. You are required to download the Aptoide apk file from the official website.
  2. There are  numerous sources which are available on the internet. Since this is a 3rd party app, you need to go to your phone settings and enable the unknown sources by: “Settings” Security Enable unknown sources.
  3. Once you have downloaded the Aptoide apk, you need to copy that file on your device. In case you have downloaded it directly on your tab or your phone, you can simply go to “downloads” of your device.
  4. After you have copied the file, tap on app for installation of the file. You will get a pop-up message. Click on ‘yes’ and the installation will begin.
  5. After installation of the app, you will see the Aptoide icon on your home screen. If you tap on that icon, you will see the trending and latest games and apps on this app store.

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It is very easy to blend through the great number of apps since there are divisions according to categories for games and apps. Hence, it should not be hard at all for you to look for the trending and hot games and apps. On the main menu of Aptoide, you can also see the applications of the choice of the editor. These are the applications particularly chosen by the editors.

To offer a friendlier interface and functionality, Aptoide app is regularly updated. Hence, you are updated with all the latest games and applications which are released in the market. Not only this, you can also select the auto-update where all the apps will get updated and you can use the latest versions.

Aptoide is available in many different languages which also includes French. It is free and when you are downloading it from the external sources, you will not have to spend any money at all on it. This app is going to be really good for you. It can also be kept as a substitute app or an extra app for Google play store just in case you are thinking of rebooting your android device.


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