Easy Urdu Keyboard APK Free Download [Latest Version – 2018]

By | March 4, 2018

easy-urdu-keyboard-apk-downloadEasy Urdu Keyboard APK Free Download is the best application for Android that is capable of enabling Urdu Typing & Writing feature for Android smartphones.

Most of the time we need to write in Urdu or Urdu related scripts on our Android phone but unfortunately, Android comes packed with the English version keyboard only which lets us write in English only. Even though an Uninstalled Urdu Keyboard and other keyboards for other languages are available right in Android which only needs to be installed & then activated before using. [How to Write In Urdu on Android]

But without going any detailed and installing anything else, Easy Urdu Keyboard APK is the best way to install Urdu Keyboard in Android and start writing Urdu with no-hassle and with the advanced-feature keyboard.

Installing this keyboard does not mean you will have only Urdu Keyboard but rather you will have the option of turning & changing keyboard types from Urdu to English & English to Urdu after you have successfully downloaded the APK from our link & installed it on your phone.

Easy Urdu Keyboard APK Features

  • Free APK and all you have to do is download the apk from the below downloadable links.
  • The keyboard is full of advanced features and options and also lets you change English into Urdu & Urdu into English.
  • No need to worry about Ads but in fact, The APK is free of ads.
  • Easy to Use Keyboard for Android.
  • Compatible with almost all Android versions.
  • Emojis compatible & enabled.
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APK Screenshots


APK Download

To start downloading the Easy Urdu Keyboard APK, click the following link to download the apk and then install it on your Android phone to start writing in Urdu on your Android phone.

Download APK