English To Urdu Dictionary & Translator App Review [Editor’s Choice]

By | September 14, 2017

We think English has thousands of Words which is quite hard to learn & put into our mind but we have the difficulty when we read articles & other kinds of documents in English language because we face some kinds of complicated words for which we have to open the dictionary & search the word in order to fully understand the meaning & the purpose of that particular word in that particular place.

In this post, I’m going to review one of the best Android Dictionary Apps that lets you easily & freely search & translate English words into different Languages such as Urdu, Pashto, Italian & much more.


English Urdu Dictionary & Translator By Xung Le Review

DictBox is a renowned English to Urdu dictionary that is developed by Xung Le & this app has been downloaded by around 1 million users. Why I’m reviewing this dictionary here is that it made my life easier. Please read below & let me know in the comments below if you have any question about this app.

DictBox Is Free Dictionary

One of the features of this app is that it is completely FREE but Ads are placed by the Developer so which means there will some kinds of annoying ads but still if you don’t want ads & want them to be removed then you can easily purchase its premium version of the application which comes ads-free along with some awesome & nifty features. You can find it here.

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Multi-Features English Dictionary

Only searching & finding English meaning is not enough in order to improve your vocabulary that’s why you will have to find a dictionary that can give you Thesaurus, Detailed Meaning of a Word, Explanation & Translator. You can get all these features for free.

Vocabulary Builder

Searching a word meaning doesn’t mean you searched it & the dictionary forgot it but instead it keeps all of your history & allows you to choose whether you want the word to be reminded to your or not. This feature basically helps you remind the word to you so that you can easily & better understand the word.

Explanatory Dictionary With Visualization

This sict gives you explanation on any word you search inside it & also helps you understand the word meaning in more easy way which is called Google Images. Yeah of course, whenever you search a word & you have Internet Connection enabled, an  image related to the word will be shown at the bottom of the page.

Muli-Language Dictionaries Included

If you want a specific english word to be translated to different languages such as Urdu, Pashto etc at the same time then you can easily enable this feature & check one words meaning in different languages at the same time which is one of the best features in this Dictionary I ever Discovered so FAR.

Translation Feature Included

This app also comes in Translator mode as it also allows you to translate any kind of Sentences into different available languages but Internet connection will be required for this feature to work.

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Copy-Pate Option Available

If you are browsing the Internet or found any complicated word on the internet then all you have to do is just Copy the specific word & the Dict Box dictionary will be automatically opened or if it doesn’t open, then all you have to do is copy the word & open the Dictionary & it’ll automatically search the word in the dictionary without typing the word there manually.

Where to get the Dictionary from?

DictBox is a free Dictionary you can download it from here for free. Please click the button below to visit Play Store official download page.

Download Dictionary Free

Video Review:

If you have any question regarding this dictionary then please let me know & i’ll be happy to respond to your comment soon.


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