[Fixed] Can’t Establish A Reliable Connection To The Server [Play Store]

By | February 14, 2018

Most of the time you may have encountered an issue with Play Store that says “Can’t Establish a Reliable Connection To the Server” because of any fault that might be occurring on your android.

Having this issue on a device is very critical & headache for everyone. Most of the users when rooting their devices or resetting their devices get these kinds of errors.playstore-error-fixing

If you’re having the same trouble then we’re going to learn how To fix Can’t Establish A Reliable Connection To The Server in Play Store.

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This is not just only your device’s problem but lots of users & especially, I have also faced it for 2 to 3 months & I didn’t know that what should I do to fix the Play Store issue but as you know that ” Necessity is the mother of invention ” So I tried many methods to solve this issue & fortunately, finally I found One method that fixed this issue in just 1 minute which I’m going to share it with you.cant-stablish-a-reliable-connection-to-the-server

Thing To Do Before Fixing the Issue

The first thing is that your device must be rooted or otherwise this method won’t work for you (Recently I tested this method on an unrooted device which worked great). If your device is not rooted or want to check root access then click here to know how to check if my phone is rooted or not.

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Fixing The Play Store Error

Follow the steps below to establish your play store connection in just a while.

  1. Delete google accounts from your phone.
  2. Reset your android phone.
  3. Download The Play Store Fixer Apk
  4. Open The fixer Apk & click the Start Button
  5. The Process will be done & then Open The Play Store
  6. Now, just Sign In Or Create an Account to log into Play Store
  7. & Enjoy Using Google Play Store


Some devices do not need to be reset, so try the app without resetting your phone.

By following the above steps the issue will be fixed in a minute. If still the problem is not fixed then go to Application Manager & search Play Store, then Clean The App cache, then open the app & try signing in.

Another step to take if the above step didn’t work

Log out of your google account on your device by visiting accounts & then in the Date and Time setting of your device, enable Automatic date and time, Automatic time zone, Choose your Hour format & then choose your date format.

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If you have any question then let me know in the comment section I’m here to fix your issue & if you have any other method that has fixed your Play Store error then let us know about it in the comment form.


29 thoughts on “[Fixed] Can’t Establish A Reliable Connection To The Server [Play Store]

  1. Rakesh kumar

    Its just awesome dude .
    Please keep posts such stuffs

  2. RH Powerwashing

    Wow! Thank you! I continuously needed to write on my website
    something like that. Can I include a fragment of your post to my website?

    1. Yasar Ali Post author

      Dear, It is not allowed & you can’t copy anything from this/or any other blog/site.
      Thanks for commenting here.

    1. Yasar Ali Post author

      Olajide, Thanks for your appreciable comment. Hope you’ll like my upcoming Articles as well.

  3. ankit

    This helped me with the playstore problem bur i am not able to add my account in the settings. Help me with this

    1. Yasar Ali Post author

      Thank you Ankit for reading our blog.
      #1 step to fix play store signing in issue
      Go to Device Setting> Application Manager> Google Play Store & then click clear Data to clean all play store files
      #2 step to fix the issue
      Go to Device Setting> My Accounts & then Remove your google account & then try signing in again.
      Hope this would help you.
      If you have any question, comment it again.

  4. Jammaj1181 Majjam1181

    MY phone doesn’t give me the option to edit sign in options OR delete account. No account is listed. as soon as I tap anything GOOGLE it immediately starts signing in then throws the “unreliable server” screen. After spending 2days with GOOGLE tech support, they have NO answer to their own apps. the only way to setup a GMAIL account, in order to receive emails on your phone, is to manually setup a IMAP gmail account. Once doing that, you instantly get a email saying “a new device is has excessed your account”.

    1. Yasir Ali

      Have you tried the method I mentioned in this article?
      You can see your existed google account in the setting of your phone.

  5. Hamstrman

    What the hell is this sorcery!? It WORKED! It took less than 10 seconds to do what I couldn’t in hours. My account “required action” and on my phone with a data plan, I just type my password in again, but on my tablet with no data plan, it went in circles. I was connected to my network. I could log in through Chrome, but not the device. I had an Internet connection and yet it said “can’t establish a reliable connection.”

    Nothing worked. Except this! And even this took some finagling! Root Explorer couldn’t “parse the package,” nor could ES File Explorer. I’ve had this program “Easy Installer” since I bought my tablet and that worked.

    Whatever it does, wow. Thank you so much for this!

  6. Yasir Ali

    Remember to not use Lucky Patcher to hack or modify play store or any other android operating system app Because your phone can be bricked.

  7. simplicio

    My problem now solve…your the best bro ..big thanks for this app u shared…thanks

  8. Nav

    when I click on the highlighted play store fixer app……nothing come….another tab opens but nothing happens
    please help
    none of my Google apps work…its really irritating

  9. Sherzada

    Dear Yasir Ali
    This is sherzada khan from KSA kindly I need support please I buy one mobile made by China s_color model P9 plus from last one week have issue Couldn’t sign-in. Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server, please try again!
    This could be a temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Costumer Care. How can I fix it?

    Data sim and wifi not working showing signals but not working and also not working all Google app I am so tried brother please help me.

    Thanks a lot

  10. purabbhuyan

    I tried all your method but it’s not work plezz help me. I can’t login and create an new account in my phone

  11. sum

    It didn’t work in my phone.
    Please do you have any alternatives?
    Need some serious help over here.
    I root my phone using king root and I install this app. But also the problem is not solved. I have already factory data reset my phone 3 times. I am unable to use play store. More than that I can’t play clash of clans. :'(

  12. SpicyChicken

    I managed to sign in with the apk, but when i opened google playstore it says “Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]. What the hell im supposed to do now pls help :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9

  13. Killerblader

    Thnx work like charm just download playstore fixer it will back like normal….

  14. Ar

    thank you boss bari mushkil sy akhir ho gya app ky bataey hoe tareeqy sy

  15. Prashant

    Thankyou so much dud you are great it works thanks so much i have spent so much hours to fix it but this tools is great thanks for sharing this post dud.


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