How To Get Unlimited In-App Purchases On Android For Free?

By | March 28, 2019

unlimited in-app purchases for android

Note: It is totally illegal to get unlimited in-app purchases by hacking or by using some apps. All the developers spend tons of minutes & seconds by developing some sort of apps for your benefits & for their own living. & this post is only for Education purpose.

There are thousands of some high-level apps & games that you can download for free but can boost your performances & levels by purchasing the packages.

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In this video, I’ll be showing you how you can get In-App Purchases in Apps & Games on android phone.

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Download Lucky Patcher App (Note: Root Needed!!!)

Lucky patcher is an android app that helps you get unlimited in-app purchases for free right on your rooted android phone.

Follow these steps to learn how to use Lucky Patcher for in-app purchases.

1:- Download Lucky Patcher from the link above.

2:- Open the app & wait unless the package is installed.

lucky patcher app

3:- Click on Switches at the left bottom & make all the Switches as you can see in the screenshot below.

lucky patcher switches

4:- Click on any app you want to make in-app purchases in (if available) then click on Open Menu of Patches.

open menu of patches lucky patcher

4:- After clicking on Open Menu of Purchase, you’ll get a new window. You have just to click on Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation.

5:- Finally, click on Apply & then the data will be processing. Once it’s completed, you’ll see a notification window.

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patching successful

6:- Click on Launch or simply open the app normally. Now go to the Upgrade or in-app purchasing option in the app & click it.

7:- Once you click on the Upgrade button or link, you’ll be prompted with the window of InApp Purchase Hack. All you have to do is click on Yes & by that way, you’ll get unlimited purchases.

inapp purchase hack


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Get Unlimted In-App Purchases By Using Freedom App

Freedom is an alternative to Lucky Patcher. It works the same as the L.P does. But with Freedom app, you can do your job quickly & in just a few steps & also the app fetches those apps to their list which offer in-app purchases.

Here is an external video that tells you how to use this app:

Now follow these steps to learn how to use Freedom:

1:- Download Freedom Apk & then open it on your android phone.

2:- Click on any app from the list.

3:- The app will open & then all you have to click on the app upgrade or buy button.

app purchase


4:- Once you click the purchase button, you’ll get the play store buy window. (Don’t worry when you click it you’ll get the app for free & remember not use those accounts of Play Store which you have connected your credit card to).

buying app for free

Now you can see here the payment is successful & I got rid of the ads & also got the pro version of the app for free.

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app payment successful

Hope guys you have now learned lots of tricks about hacking apps & getting in-app purchases. If you have any question please ask me in the comments


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