Grammarly Keyboard APK Download For Android [Latest Version]

By | February 17, 2018

grammarly-keyboard-apk-downloadGrammarly Keyboard APK download for free from the given secured links for your Android smartphone to take your English Writing & Typing to a whole advanced level with the Grammar algorithm and amazing features.

Grammarly Keyboard APK is a powerful Android application that is a must-have tool for every writer & Android user. The simple & quickest task of the APK is to make your writing according to the English standards & rules meaning if you write any wrong word, sentence or put a punctuation in the wrong place & sentence, the Keyboard APK will automatically underline the word & sentence with the Red color and will let you know to change the sentence & will give you some suggestions as well to make your incorrect sentence & word correct.

This apk file is built for Android Phone users only which means only Android users can use the apk and can take advantage of. This apk is a must-have tool for every writer & Android user so let me share some of the features this apk offers.

Grammarly Keyboard APK Features

  • The best Grammar tool that will help you in writing English the right way and even will help you Write English like an expert & native.
  • The tool lets you easily know which mistakes you did while writing a specific paragraph & words.
  • Suggests synonyms & antonyms for each & every word you hover your mouse over.
  • Easily marks a mistakenly written word or a sentence with simple underline red color & helps you give some correct suggestions.
  • The Keyboard APK is compatible with all Android Apps & Editors such as Emails, Messages, Facebook, Youtube, IMO, WhatsApp etc & helps you write English in those apps quickly, with ease and like an expert and a native writer.
  • Totally Free for use.
  • Available for Desktop users as well.
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APK Screenshots


Download APK

Click the below download link to download the apk and install it on your Android phone and enjoy the smartest app & take your English writing & typing to a whole Next & Expert Level!

Download APK

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