The Highest Paying eCPM Ad Network For Publishers 2016

By | September 3, 2016

The money is not in a high amount of traffic but is in the targeted traffic that comes to your blog. If you have thousands of daily visitors coming to your blog but if they are not your targeted traffic & leave your blog quickly then you won’t make a cent But if you have Hundreds of targeted visitors coming to your blog then it is possible to make hundreds of dollars from your blog.


Everyone wants to make money with Adsense but it is not possible for small site owners & for those whose’ blogs don’t comply with the google Adsense privacy policy. If you’re one of them who cannot get Adsense account then you should give a try to google alternatives such as make money with Infolinks, AdsOptimal, or you can also make money with some highest eCPM paying ad networks which I’m going to show you in this article.

Which One Is The Highest Paying eCPM Ad Network In 2016?

I’ve used many ad networks such as Infolinks, AdsOptimal, PopAds &  much more but I have not earned more than $60 with these ad networks since few months while I earned $187.71 in just 3 months with Revenuehits using a small Blogspot blog.

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If you want to sign up with Revenuehits & make money with it using your blog then click the button below to sign up with it & follow my all steps below that can help you to know more about the Revenuehits to make more money by optimizing its ads on your blog or site.

How Much Time Does It Take My RevenueHits Account To Be Approved?

You can get your account instantly & there is no manual verification for accounts. All you have to do is sign up & place ads on your blog & the ads will load on your blog in just less than 2 minutes.

Does It Matter If My Business Is Small Or Large?

No, RevenueHits doesn’t look at the business scale that whether it is a small one or large one nor they approve your account manually.

I have myself created an account for my subdomain Blogspot blog & I’m making a huge amount of money with it.

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How Can I Add RevenueHits Ads & On My Blog?

After creating an account, just log into it.

#1 Click on Placements.


#2 Click on New Placement & choose Desktop Placement Or Mobile Placement to monetize your desktop traffic or mobile traffic.


#3 Select Placement Type from the list of ads types. Let’s say I choose the banner ad, so just click on banner & a new banner configuration window will open. Now follow the screenshot & then hit the save button.


#4 Click on the Get Code icon, copy the code & paste it anywhere on your blog you want the ad to show on.

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How To Optimize Ads To Make Money Fast?

The More CTR (Click Through Rate) your, the more eCPM will be your & the More eCPM yours The more money you’ll make. Now you might be thinking that which method or ad type should I use on my blog to increase CTR & eCPM.

So, Use One Footer Ad, One Interstitial Ads, Shadow Box Ad, Popunder & Slider type ad on your blog & place the ad there where users click more. If you have a video sharing or downloading site or blog you’ll see a boost in your earning.

Is There A Referral Program To Make Money Fast?

Yes, There is a referral program that you can use to make money fast while you sleep. There you’ll be given a referral link, just promote it & whenever someone earns money, you’ll get some commission.

Read what RevenueHits says about their referral program.


Each publisher you refer to us is automatically registered under your name.

For a publisher with monthly revenues up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year. For a publisher with monthly revenues over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year.

What Is The RevenueHits Minimum Payment Threshold & Which Payment Method Does It Use?

There are three payment methods that you can use to withdraw your earning.

1 Using Paypal: You need $20 to withdraw earning through Paypal.

2 Using Payoneer: You need $20 to withdraw earning through Payoneer.

3 Using WireTransfer: You need $500 to withdraw earning through Wire Transfer & if you’ve not yet earned that figure of income in your account then you won’t be able to withdraw your earning through Wire Transfer.

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If you have not yet Signed Up With RevenueHits eCPM Ad Network then click the button below to Sign Up with it for free.

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7 thoughts on “The Highest Paying eCPM Ad Network For Publishers 2016

  1. bijji

    I am already monetized with adsoptimal, can i directly switch to revenue hits now ??

      1. bijji

        sir one more question …does impressions on revenuehits will be equal to number of views on my blog or is it different ? n approx for 200 impressions daily wat are there pay ?

        1. Yasir Ali

          Yeh Exactly, The more views your site gets, the more impressions will be counted & they pay high CPM based on different countries. Sometimes, I myself get $3.4 cpm & sometimes $1.4 & my overall traffic comes from Pakistan.

          1. Yasir Ali

            If you have a TLDn then I would suggest you to apply for Propellerads because they pay much & you can expect to get $20 for per thousands impressions. Here’s a link to propellerads:

  2. Azaad

    Thank you for a great article! So many details! I will try this one
    There is one network i heard a lot of good things about. Could you test it as well. I heard they are very good
    it’s Mediavenus network

    1. Yasar Ali Post author

      Thanks Azaad, for letting me know about this ad network. I would be happy to check it out soon & if it works best then would be much happy to review it here.


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