I Will Create A Personal Website/Blog For You For Only Rs300

By | January 16, 2017


Ever wanted to hire someone to build a site or blog for you? I’ve made my mind to build a personal site or blog for you that makes you money like our blogs we use to make a living from.

There are differences between blogs & websites. Let me explain first what is blog & what is a website.

Website Vs Blog

A Website is a static site where content is hosted & not updated every time because of the hard work & every time uploading files manually while blog is the easiest way to create, manage & post fresh contents & ideas freely & effortlessly.

Nowadays, Blogs are created more than websites because nowadays, there are lots of platforms that give you access to free tools & platforms to build a blog/site free of cost without even knowing about web development coding & design.

If you’re not a web developer or blogger & want to build a site or blog like ours one then hire us for only RS300 or $3 & we’ll build a responsive site for you as soon as after we get your application.

Please note that we do not create any corporate site for you & if you still insist upon creating such site or blog then we won’t be responsible for any fault made from our side, server side or from your side.

Here are few categories we can build in site or blog for you.

  1. Personal Blog or Making Money Blog.
  2. eCommerce Site.
  3. Software Download Site.
  4. job Board Site. (You can see one of our example here: JobyPlace.pk – Post Jobs In Pakistan)
  5. News Site/Blog.
  6. Business Directory.
  7. Question & Answer Site.
  8. Portfolio Site.
  9. Online Forum Site/Blog.
  10. Coupon Codes Site.
  11. Photography Site.
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Also note that creating high-quality sites or blogs & then getting a brand domain names for it (for example, www.yourdomain.blogspot.com is free while www.yourdomain.com can cost you around Rs1700/-year while free domain is free)can cost you even more & you need to pay for them as well.

How To Make Payment?

You first need to submit your form below & then we’ll contact you shortly for payment details & other information.

Now fill in the form below accurately & submit it to let us know what sort of site you’re going handle us to create it for you.

If you have any question related to our service then feel free to contact us & we’ll be back to you soon.


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