How To Create An APP From A Website For Free In The Next 10 Minutes?

By | October 1, 2016

In this post, we’re going to learn the basic yet important thing for website owners that how to create an app from a website for free in the next few minutes.

There are many advantages of keeping a site Mobile-Friendly because not only google will rank your page/site higher than others whose’ sites are not mobile-friendly but also you can make an app based on a site which will look like exactly you’re seeing on the original browser of your smartphone.


Before reading, please test your blog/site on a testing tool or on a real mobile browser that whether it’s responsive, user & mobile friendly or not. If it’s then let’s get started with some questions & its answers.

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Do I need Some Technical Knowledge To Develope An APP & Do I need to pay for the APP?

No never. You don’t need to be an expert & don’t need to pay for the app (But for accessing all the features & custom domain name for your app, you’ll need to upgrade your plan). The young technology has made it much easier for us to complete such jobs without having knowledge about it.

There are many tools online that we can use for such job but in this post, we’ll be talking about the that allows us to easily & freely create any type of app for android devices.

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How To Create An APP Based On Website With APPSGeyser For Free?

Well, if you’re ready then follow these steps.

First, visit appsgeyser’s app building from link’s page .

Type your site URL in the input box e.g,, hit Next & then type the app name & again hit next.


In the Description box, introduce your app & then again hit Next.

In the Icon option, choose your app icon or leave it by default.

Now click Next & then Hit the Create Button.

That’s it. Your app is ready & you can download it right on your android device by visiting the link on your device’s browser or by scanning the QR Code on your device.


Hope guys this will help you create your own app from your own site. If you’ve any question then do let me know about it in the comments.


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