How to Download GTA 5? A Quick Guide For Newbies

By | August 9, 2019

In the world of games, GTA 5 created a history which got billions of players. It was indeed trendy because of its action story concept which attracted many youngsters towards it. It became the highest-selling game after the launch of the 5th version.

This game got developed by Rockstar North and launched by Rockstar Games. It’s a multiplayer game where we have to chase three criminals. It got released on the 14th of April 2015. After its launch, it has become a popular name in the world of games.

How to Download GTA

So, let’s see how to download this game without any hassle.

Steps to follow:

Before you download this game, we need to look at some system requirements needed.

  1. Operating system: Windows 64 bits: ⅞.1/10/Vista
  2. Hard disk space: 72 GB
  3. Video card: 1 GB with DX10 support.
  4. RAM: 4 GB.
  5. Sound device: 100% compatibility with DirectX 10

After we make sure about these requirements, we can start the downloading process.

  1. First, download this game from any trusted site.
  2. Then run the setup.exe file.
  3. Now follow the prompts for the installer.
  4. Configure the settings for installation, and install.
  5. Now start your gta 5 apk game via the shortcut on the desktop.


Many users followed this game because of its unique story and characters depiction. It gave us the largest and the most detailed world feeling. Now let’s have a glance upon its features.

  • New weapons: As we know that whenever we try out further action related games, then the first we look for are the weapons. Action games almost depend on the type of weapons used in it. So, if there are new weapons, then the gaming experience becomes more interesting.
  • New species of animals: Starting a game where we find a completely new story, its characters fascinate us. So, if there are some fantastic and different animals designed in the game, then it becomes fascinating. This interest the users and the game gets more and more downloads.
  • Improved effects or damages and weather conditions: GTA 5 is a story based on chasing three criminals, and it’s a multiplayer game. So, it provides an experience of a real-world city where we chase these criminals. And now the main action begins. While playing these games, we come across many situations where there are damages because of fighting zones and so. Now comes the best part where we find the losses created the same as the real world, so this experience also attracts many more users.
  • The dense flow of cars on roads: This is an action and car racing game. So, gaming with cars always demands a smooth and fast flow of vehicles on the streets. Thus, in this case, GTA 5 provides a dense stream of automobiles, which becomes easier for the player of play and attack.
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After all these whereabouts of this game, it’s clear that it is one of the best action games to play. So, without wasting time, go and download your GTA 5 and start your advantageous journey in the world of GTA 5.


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