How To Freeze Apps In Android [App Quarantine]

By | June 28, 2016

If you are tired of the default android apps which cannot be uninstalled then in this article, I’m going to show you how to freeze Apps in Android phone & as well as how to freeze those apps which you can download from Play Store.freeze-apps-in-android

What To Do Before Freezing Apps In Android?

If you want to freeze apps in an android phone then your android phone must be rooted or otherwise you won’t be able to freeze any android phone.

If you don’t know about your android phone root access then you must read this article: How To Check If My Phone Is Rooted?

What To Do To Freeze Apps In Android?

There are many android apps out there in the play store which you can use to freeze apps but I’ll share an app which you can use to do it quickly & very easily. So let’s discuss it that how to do it with App Quarantine.

First of all, Download App Quarantine Root/Freeze  from google play store & install it & then

Follow the steps below to freeze apps

  • Open the App Quarantine
  • Select an App
  • Click the Lock icon at the top right side

By completing the above steps your app will be frozen shortly.freezing-apps-in-android

How To Unfreeze Apps In Android?

If you have frozen Apps in your android phone with the help of App Quarantine then there in the same app you’ll be seeing ‘ Quarantine ‘ tab. Go to it and you’ll see all your frozen apps. Now, select an app and click the unlock icon at the top right side & the selected app will be unfrozen shortly & will start working on your phone normally.freeze apps in android

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Can I do It With The Help Of Any Other App Freezer?

Of course, as I mentioned above that there are a lot of apps out there in the play store which you can use to freeze your apps very easily but if the App Quarantine doesn’t work on your phone then you can also use App Freezer which you can download from the play store for free. And also, it does the same work for you as the app quarantine does.

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