How To Make Money With Youtube Monetization In Pakistan 2017

By | October 10, 2016

There out are a lot of outdated articles, guides & videos that teach you how to make money with youtube monetization in Pakistan with some illegal ways (At that time, there was no such way to enable monetization program in Pak legally)but now youtube has already listed Pakistan in their official list of Allowed countries.

Youtube has the biggest impact on our daily life. We have the Biggest videos search engine where we learn & discover new things about Education & other parts of our life & technology.


With that, we have also the biggest advantage from youtube is that it’s offering Youtube Monetization Program that allows/offers everyone to earn money by just creating/uploading unique & helpful videos.

In this post, I’m going to guide you step by step that how you can earn money through youtube partnership program.

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Before getting next… Let me tell you that

How Youtube Works & How You’ll Be Paid?

I’ll tell you here in very short that Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform where not only people uploading their videos to earn money but they upload their videos to it to Build Online Reputation, Promote Their Products/Companies & Many Others.

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There are also others like us who make/create videos & upload to youtube to make money by enabling the youtube monetization program.

You can expect that you can get $1-$20 for every 1000/views on your youtube videos.

But how is it possible?

People are accessing youtube from different & even from every corner of the world. Also, there are a lot of advertisers who advertise on youtube based on different countries & locations.

For many countries, you can get very high eCPM & for some countries, you’ll get very low eCPM & do you know why?

Because As I said earlier that there are a lot of advertisers who advertise & spend a lot of money on advertising on youtube based on different countries & locations.

Users who come to your videos from those countries where Advertisers bid more you’ll get high eCPM & high Income & those Users who come from others countries where advertisers do not bid much you won’t earn much eCPM & Income.

(Hint: You can see your ad rates in your youtube channel)

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Before leaving this paragraph, here I wish to tell you that creating quality & helpful videos can bring you more viewers & subscribers from around the globe with high-income opportunities that you wouldn’t expect about.

We talked a lot. Now let’s get to the guide.

How To Enable & Make Money With Youtube Monetization In Pakistan Legally?

At the time, youtube has listed Pakistan in their monetization list & now you don’t need to create some fake accounts to enable the monetization program.

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Here I’m going to guide you step by step.

Create A New Youtube Channel:

Creating youtube account/channel is very easy. So, create one for yourself, else if you have already then follow my steps.

Click here to visit

Upload Some Quality & Not-Copyrighted Videos To Your Channel:

Before proceeding with the steps, you need to upload some quality & user-like videos so that youtube’s community easily approve AdSense account for your channel.

Note: If you have already uploaded videos then make sure that you have no copyrighted issues on your channel.

Enable Monetization Program:

Log into your youtube channel & under your channel’s profile picture/icon, Click on the Gear icon.


In the Monetization, Click on Enable.


At this step, click on Enable My Account.


After clicking on Enable My Account, you’ll get the Agreement which you should read carefully & once you read it, just accept it .


In the next step, you need to choose what sort of format would you like to place on your videos & along them & then click on Monetize.


Now, go to the monetization section under the Channel & there you’ll see videos that are not yet monetized by youtube. If you like to monetize all of them then just click on the Monetize Videos.


After all that, Now you need to

Associate An Adsense Account To Your Youtube Account:

If you have an Adsense account already then you can easily associate your channel/account with it but If you don’t have then here I’m going to tell you how you can create & associate AdSense account to your YouTube account.

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First, go to Monetization under the CHANNEL. Expand “How will I be Paid?” & there click on Associate an Adsense account.


Upon clicking that, you’ll be taken to another webpage where you should click on Next. Then you’ll be redirected to the Adsense Page again where you should click on “Yes” if you have already an AdSense account available. If not then simply click on “Create or Use another account”. Create there a new AdSense account & link your channel to it.


Once you do that, all of your youtube earning will be then managed & got from your Adsense account using your payment method.

You can also watch the Technology Guru’s video on associating the adsense account to youtube channel.

The Bottom Line:

Since many years the youtube monetization program was not Available in Pakistan but it is now available & you can enjoy earning for the lifetime with Youtube PartenerShip program But I highly suggest you to not upload any kind of copied contents from other YouTubers to your channel & also never violate the youtube privacy otherwise your account can be banned even if you have earned $10,000.

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Looking forward to hear your suggestion & comments.

Be Happy Pak Youtubers :-D.


8 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Youtube Monetization In Pakistan 2017

  1. Hasan

    And when i need to withdraw my money what shud i hav to do? Do i hav to use Payoneer Mastercard or wat?

    1. Yasar Ali Post author

      When youtube monetization is enabled on your channel, you will have to link your channel with your Google Adsense account even if you don’t have, you will have to create a new one & all of your earning will be funded to your Google Adsense account from where you can then withdraw your earning either using Payoneer or other payment gateway. Please visit this page if you don’t have Payoneer card or want to learn how to get.

  2. waqas

    monetization kese on hoti hy screen shots whats app krdo plz 03004568762


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