How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 & Almost All Android Phones (iRoot)

By | October 7, 2016

If you were looking to find the solution to how to root Samsung Galaxy S4 device without installing a custom ROM then here I’m going to take you step by step on the comprehensive guide that will teach you how to root almost all android phones with just a few simple steps.

What’s Rooting An Android Device Mean?

You might be well aware of this topic because you’ve come here to learn this process. However, in simple & my own words, I’ll share with you that rooting basically means ” Taking The Power In Fist Of  Android & Other Mobile Devices”.

Without root access on your device, you’re unaware of the power of your OS.

There are many even uncountable things you can do on your rooted device. Such as,

  1. You can download those apps which require root access
  2. You can remove bloatware out of your device
  3. You can easily improve the performance of your device as well as the Battery Life
  4. You can release more storage on your device
  5. You can take a full backup of your OS
  6. You can hack Games & Apps *Fun
  7. & finally Much More


How To Root Galaxy S4?

Before thinking about it, You’ll be required some accessories & devices.

  1. PC
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4 or Other Device
  3. iRoot Software For PC
  4. USB Cable

So, Now look at the screenshot. Currently, my  Samsung Galaxy S4 device is not

Now follow my steps:

Enable Developer Options On Your Android Device by going to the device’s setting> About Device & there click on Build Number 7 (seven) times till the developer options is enabled.

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Go to the Developer Options & Enable the USB Debugging.

Connect Your Mobile Device To PC. (Tip: If your PC is not detecting your phone then try to download & install Samsung USB Driver).

Open iRoot software & wait till it detects your device.


Once your device is detected & when you see your device(ID) is connected then just click on Root button.

iRoot is now processing.


Once it is done. Your device will restart but don’t touch your device nor the USB Cable. In the restarting process, the Recovering will be installing on your device.

Once your device is restarted, just wait for a movement till you see this on the iRoot software.


Seeing such window means “Your Device Is Rooted!!!”.

Now look at the screenshot below of my device.


Watch the video:

Let me know guys if you’ve any question or want to ask me about the topic.

Hope this will help.


2 thoughts on “How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 & Almost All Android Phones (iRoot)

  1. zahed

    my device is xperia z1(c6902)Android vr:5.1.1 . I see a message “Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device”. Can i do the the same process for root checker Verified is OK or is there any other way for xperia device.

  2. Ryan

    Root Checker apk will be able to direct you to the right Rooted apk.
    Kingroot worked for me but
    SU apk is probably the best way because it has much more control over your phone.


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