How to Start a Blog with FastComet Hosting?

By | November 13, 2020

Want to start a blog but don’t know which hosting to use. Then worry not because in this article we will share steps to create a simple blog with FastComet hosting.

we can use any hosting for creating a blog, but we are using FastComet because of its affordable price and reliability. Also, it is so much time consuming for searching a good web hosting that fulfills all the website needs.

it is better to follow experts suggested web hosting to get better results fast. Instead of trying everything yourself and waste so much time.

so let’s begin…

How to Start a Blog With FastComet Hosting?

How to Start a Blog with FastComet

creating a simple blog is very easy and quick. Two core components are required for building a simple blog. Domain Name and web hosting. it is very simple to set up and takes a few minutes to do it.

Step 1: Register a Domain Name

A domain name is like a virtual address for the website. it is used to reach the website from the internet. The domain name can be anything a user likes. For example, it can be a brand, company, person name. there is no restriction on creating a domain name.

However, there are no duplicate domain names on the internet. So if the name you entered is already register or taken then you can’t do anything. you have to choose some other name or purchase it from the owner.

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Registering a domain name is very simple. Just have to go to any domain name registrar website. there you have to enter a domain name to register. If it’s available then register it otherwise search for another name.

Once all the payment process completes. the domain name will be displayed in the account.

Step 2: Purchase FastComet Hosting

The next step is to purchase the FastComet Hosting basic plan which is shared hosting. shared hosting is suitable for basic and new websites. as there is not much traffic, so fewer resources are required. Once the resources demand will grow then you can move to higher plans.

For now, purchase a shared hosting plan. You can save some money by using FastComet coupon code “FALL60” for 60% off on shared hosting or you can refer here. it is very simple to use. Just copy this code and then choose the basic shared hosting plan. Proceed to checkout and there paste this code to activate the discount offer.

FastComet Friday Sale

Once the coupon is applied or you can learn here how to get Fastcomet discount, it will show a discounted price and then complete the process to move forward.

Now, you can access the control panel. Next, we have to connect the hosting with the server.

Step 3: Connect Server with Domain Name

Connecting domain name with sever is a bit technical, so it may feel hard for normal bloggers. but the good thing is that FastComet offers free domain transfer. It will get connected with the server within 24 hours after the request.

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So, you have to sit and relax while all the migration process gets completed. It is a painless and stress-free process for non-technical bloggers. there is no hidden charge and it comes with all the hosting plans.

If you find any difficulty while setting up the server and domain name then you can contact support. They will always be there to help you with the setup and in any problem.

Step 4: Install WordPress

After all the technical parts our domain name will be active and we can access it. but at this point, there is nothing to display on the blog. So we have to install WordPress on it on the server. it is very simple and gets done in just 1 click.

FastComet offers a WordPress installer that can automatically install it on the server. just enter basic details in the WordPress setup and then click on install. It will take few seconds to install. After the installation gets completed, a basic blog will be displayed on our domain name.

We have completed 90% of the work. Now, it’s time to make our blog beautiful and attractive.

Step 5: Select a Theme

The theme is the structure or design that forms website and blogs. it just displays content in a formatted manner to the user. A theme is very important for attracting new users and have good followers.

the first time we install WordPress, our blog will use a default theme. It is just to test and display the content. It is not good to use it for displaying it to users. As it is dull and boring. So we need to download and install a new theme.

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There are hundreds of free and paid themes available in the market. You can choose anyone you like and download it and then activate it in the theme section.

If you find it difficult to get a good free theme then use the OceanWP theme. It is one of the premium looking theme offered for free.

Step 6:  Customize Theme

The next step is to customize the theme. It is very simple and interactive. Do customization in the theme like color, fonts, images, and content. Replace all the default content with yours. Give it your design and personal touch to make it unique or just use it as it is.

Create a new homepage in the page section and delete unused pages and themes. Keep only the required themes and pages to keep the blog lightweight.

Now, we have completed all the steps. There is furthermore work need to do in the blog. Like installing useful plugins, adding menus. This is itself a big tutorial for customizing a blog. So you can learn it from youtube or blog tutorials.

We have successfully created a basic blog with FastComet Hosting. if you want to start blogging with the best tools then FastComet is the answer. It provides 24/7 support with 45 days money back policy.

Due to festive seasons, they are providing huge discount offers like 60% off on shared hosting. 25% off on VPS and dedicated hosting. Copy the FastComet coupon code to get benefits and start your blog now.


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