How To Write In Urdu In MS Word & Almost In MS Office?

By | November 28, 2016

how to write in urdu in ms word

MS Word etc allow you by default to write in English in it but many of the users like us want to write in Urdu in it because we live in a country where we use Urdu most of the time & we need to write documents in Urdu & on the other hands, there is no such feature we can use to enable Urdu language & keyboard.

Since adding Urdu to MS Word or other MS Office Programs are our need so I’m going to show you two methods you can use to write in Urdu in ms word or everywhere in your PC.

1:- Add Urdu Keyboard In Windows

You might have tried this method by adding URDU or any other custom keyboard in your current windows but if you have not then let’s try it right now.

1:- Go To Control Panel & then click on Change keyboards or other input methods.

change keyboards

2:- Click on Change Keyboards.

change keyboards

3:- Click on Add.

click on add

4:- Scroll down till you see Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) and then select Urdu then click on OK.

add urdu keyboard

Now you have added Urdu keyboard to your PC & you can use it everywhere & write in Urdu in MS Word by turning the keyboard to Urdu from the toolbar. But there is one bad thing that the keyboard you added isn’t Phonetic & all characters will be different. You can check the layout of the keyboard by clicking on the Properties.

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turn keyboard into urdu from toolbar

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2:- Install Urdu Keyboard Software (Pak Urdu Installer)

This is the best ever way you can use to write in Urdu in ms word or any other software or in the entire system of your PC.

Now follow these steps.

  1. Download Pak Urdu Installer.
  2. Install it on your PC.
  3. The Urdu Phonetic keyboard will be installed to your PC۔
  4. EN to UR icon will be added to the icons bar below & you can then change the keyboards at any time.

If you have installed the software & the icons has shown then simply open MS Word & turn the keyboard into Urdu & then try writing in the MS Word.

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Hope this post helps you. If you have any further question then please let us know in the comments & if you have any suggestion or tool that works fine for you without following the above steps then share it with others as it will help them.


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    i want to have urdu writing office for my android.
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