LED LAMP: What is It Made of?

By | December 20, 2016

Light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor which converts the electric energy into light. Whenever you will pass current through it then it will produce visible light. Some experts, who are working in the electronic field, called this technology unsung heroes of the electronic world. It is a tiny bulb which is used in different large bulbs. It does not have a filament in it which will burn to produce light. It is a semiconductor and it will produce light whenever there will be the movement of electrons in it. That’s why they do not get hot.

LED is made by the combination of different small materials. These small materials fulfill their functionality to produce light. Following are those parts and their description which are usually used in LED lamps.

led light

The most important part of the LED lamp – it produces all the light.
The main function of the diffuser is to diffuse the light. It helps in making the lamp cool by isolating the hottest part of the lamp.
It makes the lamp or bulb shook proof and diffuses the heat produced by the chip.
If bulb will not get extra heat then it will increase the life of the bulb. Radiator helps in sinking the extra heat of the bulb and enhances the life of a bulb.
It helps in converting the analog current to direct current needed for LEDs work.
These are some parts which combine to make a LED lamp. Every part plays its role to produce light in the lamp. That’s why every single part is important in it.

Some benefits of LEDs:

• LED lamps are eco-friendly. There are no toxic elements in LED lights while fluorescent bulbs contain mercury.
• They produce 80% more light than the traditional lamps or bulbs of the same wattage. Only 5% of the energy goes in the vein that means it produces 95% percent useful work. That’s why a 36 watt LED is better than 84 Watt florescent light.
• LED bulb also has larger lifetime than other bulbs. If you will compare the attributes and lifetime of the LED lamps with other bulbs you will come to know that it is much better than others.
People are doing more research related to this technology. In future, there will be more applications related to LED and it will play an important role in the growth of the technology in different parts. JOOBY led light bulb manufacturers are providing the best LED lamps in the market. There are many other companies which are providing the LED lamps because it is going to become the future of the world.


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