How To Lock Apps In Android [Security]

By | June 18, 2016

Do you have your personal or important Documents/Contacts/Videos/Social Media Accounts etc in your Android Phone and worry about losing your phone? Here in this Article, you’ll learn how to Lock Apps In Android.

The Mobile Technology has become more and more advanced & that’s why the new Digital world is passing through these Mobiles & Pcs technology, so everyone wants to keep their Phone protected from losing or Hacking.

So in this Article, I am going to walk you through Android Applications & files security as well as the overall security of your Android Phone.Lock Apps In Android

Today, I downloaded & installed one Application in my Android phone for security purpose but when I opened the application. I noticed, that there were many good things that I should use myself & then I thought that why should I not share this with my readers so that they will get some advantage of it.

Screenshots of application



If you’re serious about your phone security then you must use this method to secure your Mobile Phone.

Install The LEO-Privacy & Lock Apps In Android

Just go & install LEO Privacy Security Android App from play store & then follow the steps below so that you will be able to configure this in a good manner.

  • After installing the app, in order to protect some of your important applications in your phone is to lock it.
    Open the LEO Privacy Applock & there you’ll see a pattern, you’ll need to draw your own secret pattern so that no one else will know it & then you’ll need to answer the Security Question. [Remember the pattern as well as the Security Question].
    Once you did it you’ll be taken to the dashboard. there open AppLock Option and mark those applications which you want to lock. Once you locked it, afterward you’ll need to open the locked applications by drawing the pattern.
  • You Can Hide Images & Videos from the options given to you in the app very easily & no one will be able to open your protected files.
  • If someone bothers you making calls & you want to blacklist his number then this option is available here in the app, all you need to do is to open Harassment intercept option & add his/her numbers to the blacklist.
  • If you worry about losing your phone then you should just Enable the Anti-Theft option. through this option, you will find the location of your lost phone that will help you to find your phone even more easily.
  • There is one another good option which is called Break-in-Alert. this option takes a photo of those who tries unlocking your application or phone with wrong passwords.
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There are many other options out there in the app which can enhance the security of your Android Phone for free & after locking your android apps & device, you’ll not need to worry about losing your phone or hacking.

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Note: There may be good applications there out in play store and you can also install it according to your choice for free instead of installing this Android App.


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