How To Make A Setup .EXE File From Installed Software On PC

By | September 9, 2016

Today is a lucky day for us because, in today’s post, We’re going to learn how to make a setup .exe file from installed software on PC or from any other files that you have created with the help of some Softwares builders such as Visual basic & others.

You’re on the right path here learning about it because I’m going to guide you on every step with screenshots that can help you to learn better & very easily.


In order to repack installed files again into .exe setup file, you need those files on your computer & one software named Inno Setup Compiler.

Inno Setup compiler is free of cost program that is used to make a setup .exe file from Files & you don’t need to register on their website to download it.

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So, after downloading inno, follow the steps below.

How To Use Inno Setup Compiler To Make a Setup .exe File From Installed Software Or From Other Files

#1 First of all, Open the inno software.

#2 Click on File,  then New & a New Inno Setup Script Wizard will open.


#3 Click on Next, then type your new software info (Software name, Company Name & Site Address etc) & then click Next.


#4 In the Application Folder window, choose the directory where you want the setup to be installed when a user installs the software on his/her computer & then click next.

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#5 In the Application Files window, add your software main executable .exe file in the Application main executable file: & then add all files with the .exe file in the Other Application Files & then click Next.

(If you want to repack installed software, then go to C: Drive> Program Files & there choose any software you want to repack again – Just for an educational purpose)


#6 Application Shortcut window will come, click next & another Application Documentation window will again come up. So add license files or informational files with the help of the input boxes & then click Next.

Choose language & click Next. In the Compiler Setting, you can change the software .exe file name & icon. So do it or leave it as, then click Next, again click Next & hit Finish.

#7 Choose Yes when a notification window comes up then choose No when a new notification that shows “would you like to save the script? ” comes up.



#8 Your software will be compiled after you choose No. So when the compiling process is done, your setup .exe file will be saved in the OutPut folder of the Inno Setup Compiler. To open Output folder, click on Open Output Folder under the Build.


That is our setup .exe file that we have repacked again after installing it on our computer.

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Using this way which we used above, you can make your own setup .exe file from installed software or from  files/software you build using any development software such as Visual Basic or any other.

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You can watch below video to better understand this process.

Hope you might now able to build your own installer file. If you have any question regarding this article then feel free to join the discussion below.

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3 thoughts on “How To Make A Setup .EXE File From Installed Software On PC

  1. Bill Gates

    In windows, the installed software includes not just the set of files in a folder.

    It includes files in other folders in a common share, assemblies, COM , plugins to other software like office or IE.

    And registry data.

    Inno Setup Compiler don’t do that. It just take one folder and create .exe.
    You can do that with 7-zip too.
    So Inno Setup Compiler is usefulness to create one .exe from already installed software.

  2. BillGatesTheMiser

    Usefulness program. When we install software many files are copy in different folders and inside the registry.
    This program you talk just “zip” one folder in one .exe.

    So take 7-zip for that it’s same and usefulness.


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