How To Make A Classified Ads Website For Free Without Coding

By | August 30, 2016

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to guide you on how you can make your own classified ads website for free or if you want to start a successful/professional classified ads site that can make money for you then follow my instructions which I’m going to give you in this article.

Making a website where users can post their ads & promote it by paying some money to the site owner was my dream & now I have completed it but today I thought that I should also share it with all of you so that you can also do it yourself without hiring any company or any designer/developer.

There are many ways & tools that we can use to start a classified ads site but I’ll show you two tools & two ways which both you can use to start a site for free.

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#1 Make A Classified Ads Site Using yClas Platform For Free

This is my favorite & recommended way & platform for you where you can begin with no money but can grow your business with some $$$.

yClas is the best classified ads website Platform which allows you to create your own free advertisement publishing website with a subdomain name without any charges.

To start with yClas, follow these steps.

#1 Click this to visit yClas: Join yClas Platform (When buying the subscription, use this coupon code to get the subscription 10% off. coupon code: yasaff10)

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#2 There in the other window, type your email address, your site URL & then hit enter . Look at the screenshot


#3 Select a package/plan, Free, Starter, Growth or Business. If you select the Free Package/Plan then you’ll have your own ads publishing site but you won’t have a premium domain but in fact, you’ll be using the subdomain name of the yClas platform. If you want to start a classifieds site on your own Top Level Domain name then you’ll need to choose the premium plan.yclass-classified-ads-site-packages

#4 Let’s say we select Free Package, so select it & a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Confirm your domain name & after confirming, your account/site will be live & you’ll be able to easily navigate to your new classified ads site & can post up to 5 ads only.

Remember that yClas is the best platform & give you a free site with a dashboard & all features for free so that you can know their features & buy the other plans but again keep in mind that using the Free plan/package you won’t be able to post more than 5 ads on that free site.

If you want the limit to be increased then you should buy other plans/packages for more features.

If you haven’t yet joined it then click here: Join yClas (Coupon Code: yasaff10)

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#2 Make Classified Ads Site For Free Using OpenClassifieds Platform

This is the Second way that I’m going to show you but remember that yClass & OpenClassifieds are the same companies & providing the same service & admin panel for site owners but they have focused on developing yClass platform because with yClass you don’t need to pay for hosting.

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If you have your own domain name & hosting service then follow these easy steps to know how to start with OpenClassifieds.

#1 To start with OC, you’ll need to buy a domain name & hosting. If you’re in Pakistan then click here to know how to buy cheap low-cost & Reliable Domain Name & Web Hosting In Pakistan.

#2 After buying a domain name & web hosting, all you have to do is sign into your domain cPanel & in the domain cPanel Scroll down till you see a Softaculous Tool.


#3 Click it & in the Ads Management, click on OpenClassifieds & then Install it


#4 After clicking on Install Now, you’ll be taken to the installation page where you should put everything it wants from you (Remember that enter a username & email address correctly so that you can then easily sign into your site’s dashboard later on when you want) & then put your Email Address in the Email Installation Details to input box & then hit Install.

The installation will take some time but it will be completed very soon & when installation is completed, simply visit your domain name & you’ll be seeing that the OpenClassifieds Tool has been installed on your domain name for free.

An Installation email with the credentials to your site will be emailed to you after you install the OpenClassifieds & which you can use to sign into your site & dashboard for free as an admin.

Is yClas Better Or OpenClassifieds?

This is the question that is in the everyone’s mind & which everyone wants to know about.

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yClas is my best platform & I prefer it because it has all the features, themes, plugins that you can use for free after choosing any premium plan or package while if you start with the OpenClassifieds then in the starting, it will be free but for more features, themes & plugins you’ll need to pay money.

For both tools, you’ll need to pay money in order to create a successful classifieds ads site. So I recommend you to choose yClas platform because it has unlimited features, plugins, themes which you can use for free after purchasing any premium plan or package.

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Hope guys you’re enjoying it. If you have any question regarding this article or want to know more about these tools then feel free to ask me in the comment form below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A Classified Ads Website For Free Without Coding

  1. kola

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this nice piece. I have a quick question, I noticed you mentioned that one can use their domain name if using OpenClassifieds, can the same be done using yclass? The reason being that I have my domain name and don’t like the idea of the Thanks

    1. Yasir Ali

      Of course, everyone can use their own TLD (Top Level Domain) Name but for that, everyone will need to buy the premium plan/package.
      Hope this help. If have any further question, do let me know.


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