How To Make Money With InfoLinks Ad Network 2017

By | February 15, 2017

Are your Google Adsense account isn’t getting approved? Are you not finding the best solution for making money from your blog? The more Adsense is successful, the more chances of getting Adsense account is not as easy as InfoLinks. Here I’m going to share with you a step by step guide that how to earn maximum revenue from your blog by adding InfoLinks ads on your blog.

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Quick Steps To Make Money With InfoLinks:

  1. Click the Join InfoLinks Button Below.
  2. Enter your website address & sign up either using Facebook or an Email address.
  3. Wait for the account confirmation email from InfoLinks.
  4. Once your account is approved, log into your account & place the ads units on your website or blog.
  5. Now, enjoy making money with InfoLinks.

What is InfoLinks?

make-money-with-infolinksInfoLinks is an ad network for both Publishers & Advertisers. Publishers can use to place ads on their blogs & earn money. while Advertisers can use it to advertise their own business & reach potential customers & visitors & spread their businesses’ slogan.

InfoLinks is an alternative to Google Adsense & it is a text-based (contextual) ad network. Recently, this ad network has been improved its overall business which means now you have to wait for manually approving your site by the community to be able to place ads on your blog.

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How To Sign Up & Start Making Money With Infolinks

First of all, the Join button and then follow the steps below.

Join InfoLinks

#1 Click the above Join link & a new web page will be opened. Type your blog/site URL in the My website address & sign in using any facebook or email address.


#2 You’ll be taken to another web page where you should copy and paste the script into your blog’s Html file. If you’re using WordPress then you can also download the Infolinks Official Plugin.

Your form will be submitted for the approval so wait for one or two days to receive the confirmation email from the Infolinks community.

If your account is approved you’ll be able to log into your account.

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How To Make More Money With InfoLinks?

If your account is approved by the infolinks then what are you waiting for? Read this to optimize infolinks ads on your blog to earn even more from your blog.

As it was mentioned above that this ad network provides you different kinds of ads such as InText, InFold, Inarticle, InTag, Inscreen & Inframe. So using the best one from them & optimizing them on your blog can help you generate more out of your blog.

So follow these steps to make more money with InfoLinks.

#1 Enable the InText ad unit

Enabling this feature can help you increase your eCPM & ad views. In the Intext ad unit, try to decrease the maximum links per page to 6 or 7 or whatever you want to keep and then pick the ad link color that best suits your blog link color so that the blog links & ad links look the same.

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#2 Enable InFold ad unit

InFold is the best sort of ad that can increase your CTR & CPM. You should enable this.

#3 Enable InTag ad Unit

This is the money generator ad unit that you should enable on both the top & bottom places to earn some extra cash with infolinks. Also, don’t forget to enable the RevenueBooster feature in the InTag ad unit.

#4 InFrame ad Unit

InFrame ad depends on the site/blog’s layout. If your site/blog has an empty space on both right & left side then you can enable this or otherwise don’t enable this ad unit because it irritates users and they’ll never come back to your site/blog.

#5 InScreen ad Unit

If you want to show a pop-up ad to your readers/audience before they leave your blog/site/page or enter to any web page on your blog then you can enable this feature that can help you increase your revenue.

#6 InArticle ad Unit

InArticle ad unit as a new feature of InfoLinks that can help you generate more earning out of your blog. You can use custom codes for this type of ad to show it everywhere on your blog contents.

If you have enabled the RevenueBooster feature in the InTag ad unit then you don’t need to use this feature but if you want to manually add this between your blog posts then you can easily copy the script and paste on your blog post.

InfoLinks Referral Program: Make Huge Money Just By Referring

Well, Here you’ll learn how to earn some extra revenue without adding infolinks ads on your blog. Is it possible? Asked. I answered, Yes it is absolutely possible.

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InfoLinks has a referral program which all of you are aware about. You can make huge earning using this program. By default, when your account is approved, you get a referral web page where you have your own unique referral link. All you have to do is promote that link & enjoy making huge earning.

Whenever you promote your referral link & any publisher joins infolinks using your referral link & makes some money with it then you’ll get 10% of their revenue for free for the next 12 Months & it’ll be added to your account when the month ends.


If you haven’t joined Infolinks yet, Then Click here to Join Infolinks to start Making Money with your blog right now.

Hope this guide will help you but if you have still any further question about this guide then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment form below.

If you like then do share this page on your facebook timeline. Thanks 🙂


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