How To Make Professional Printable Invoice Online For Free?

By | September 10, 2016

Have you been looking to find the best & reliable tool to create/generate/make professional invoice online for free?

Here I’ll be sharing the best one tool/site & will be guiding you on every step till your invoice is made.

So, without any further discussion, let’s get started.

How To Make A Professional Free Printable, Downloadable & Online/Offline Payment Acceptable Invoice (Bill) Using

First of all, visit & create an account there. You can create an account for free but in the free account, you’ll have some limited features but in the premium account, you’ll have access to all the tools & features. If you have chosen free then you can also upgrade it later on from your account.

After creating an account, fulfill all the input boxes with the accurate information such as your company name, billing portal(site address), your logo & currency type. You can also change it later on from the setting.

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Once you completed all the steps, you’ll be given a dashboard in the which will be for you & you’ll be able to access it anytime & everywhere.

Log Into Your Dashboard & Make Your First Invoice

Now log into your account, heads up to the dashboard & click on Create an invoice to make your first invoice bill.

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Once you click on Create an Invoice, you’ll be taken to your new invoice bill. Now look at the screenshot & then follow the instruction I give below.


#1 Header Logo & Contact Information will be automatically added to each invoice if you have already provided your company info when you were creating an account. However, if you haven’t yet provided your company info then just heads up to the Setting, click on Business Profile & add all the info & then come back to the dashboard & make a new invoice & you’ll see all the info in the header of your in-voice you’ve given.

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#2 Bill To: In this section, Add your customer you want to send the invoice to. If you’ve not yet added any customer to your account then just heads up to the Customers, click on New Customer, type the customer info & add him/her to your account & then go back to your invoice & add him/her to send the invoice.


#3 Put Some Products, Quantity & Price of each product & will calculate all of your amount.

Add Attachment, Tax & Discount to The Invoice

Follow the screenshot below & add tax or discount to the invoice you want then add notes & some attachment to your invoice if you want.


Once your invoice is ready, click on Create & Issue to create your in-voice. Then go to Invoices & there you’ll find your created in-voices.

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From there, you can edit your in-voice, send it to your customers, download to your computer as a PDF & CSV, close in-voice, delete the invoice etc.


How To Get Paid When A User Wants To Make Payment After You Send Invoice To Him?

You’ve generated your invoice & have sent it to your customers but don’t know how to get paid when your customer wants to make payment after he/she purchases the product & receives your invoice online? Just follow these steps to make payment method for your customers to receive payment from them online through some accounts such as PayPal, Credit Card, Bank transfer or using offline payment method.

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Heads over to Setting, Payment under the invoicing setting & there you’ll see some payment methods.


Enable any of the payment methods & once it is enabled, every customer who receives the invoice will see the Pay button below each invoice which he/she can use to make payment online. look at the screenshot.


Once your customer clicks that, he/she will be taken to the another window of a specific account where he/she can make payment.

Let’s say I only have the PayPal payment method for my customers to get payment. So whenever my customer clicks that pay button, he/she’ll be taken to the PayPal payment window from where he/she can make payment to me through his/her Paypal account.

Hope this might be extremely helpful to you as I guess.

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Guys looking forward to hear from you. Just drop the comment in the comments section below! 😀


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