Pandora Radio: Third Most Popular Music Service in the US

By | October 4, 2018

Pandora Radio has been one of the most recognized and popular applications for music streaming. Although Pandora has been overtaken by Spotify and Apple Music in terms of monthly users, it is still the third most popular Music service in the United States.

Pandora Radio

Features of Pandora Radio:

  • Free Listening to high-quality Music (with ads)
  •  Customized stations with favorite Music
  •  List of favorite artists and/or songs
  •  Shuffle Modus
  •  Recommendation system
  •  Easy sharing of favorite artists/songs with friends

The Pandora Radio app supports all major devices including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Pandora has a large number of preset radio stations, including alternative, dance, country, and jazz. These stations offer plenty of music variety, but the best part about the Pandora app is its song recommendations. The app makes it very easy to discover new songs and artists based on your preference and your history. Pandora Internet Radio has a complex algorithm which determines the songs and artists you might like. You can listen to a particular song and then give your feedback by upvoting songs you like so you will hear more similar music in the future. You can also skip a song if you don’t like or dislike it. Pandora Internet Radio considers more than 400 attributes like genre, tempo, pitch and lyrics to recommend next song to you. Users can easily bookmark a particular song or share that track with their friends via different options. The same goes for stations based on the artist. The best part is that, you can create as many stations you like because there is no limit. Pandora Internet Radio also has more features for its users. For example the Pandora Premier feature allows the users to get access to latest albums even before they hit stores.

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Free vs Premium version

Pandora offers a free and a premium version. The free version makes you listen to frequent audio ads and is limited to six song skips per hour. Paid plans for Pandora Plus start at $4.99 per year ($54.89/year) and provide you an ad-free experience, unlimited song skips and the ability to rewind track. The Pandora Premium version costs $9.99 per month ($109/year) and offers more customization for your playlists and adds the ability to listen to your whole playlist offline.

Buy songs and share your favorite songs with friends

You will see buy and share icons below the songs and artist information feature that lets you purchase the track or share the track with your Facebook and other social website friends. With the help of publish button you can set up the app to post listening. You can also see Facebook which is represented on the app side and can see what your Pandora loving friends are listening by just clicking on music feed option. So basically it is a two way sharing. Not only you can see what your friends are listening but you can also share what you are listening.

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