Payoneer $25 Bonus: Sign Up Today [Payoneer Referral Guide]

By | January 11, 2017

Do you know? Payoneer is offering a super easy way to make money online even without investing your own money? Payoneer $25 Sign Up Bonus, you might have heard this phrase. isn’t it? Few days before, we talked about Ordering Payoneer MasterCard In Pakistan & if you’re not familiar with Payoneer 25 Bonus then here I’ll share a quick guide with you that how you can make money by referring your friends.

Payoneer $25 Sign Up Bonus: What’s It?

Payoneer has a refer a friend system which means they have provided an easy way to their customers to promote their company & for promoting the company, the customer will get $25 sign up bonus after the other customer who was referred to Payoneer & withdrew a total of $100 either in their local currency or an international currency. (Never give up, Both you & the person you refer will get $25 as a sign-up bonus).

Every customer has the ability to use this feature after they have got their Payoneer account. You can find out your referral page in your account refer a friend page. Yet, if you don’t have an account then sign up with our link here & we both will get $25 bonus.

How Payoneer $25 Bonus Method Words?

Now you have made your mind to start running the referring campaign but still doubtful that how this method will work for me & how Payoneer will find out that those guys were referred by this smart guy.

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Ok, Payoneer has given you a simple referral link which you’ll need to promote & whenever someone clicks your referral link & signs up with Payoneer then Payoneer will track your link & will email you after the person’s account is successfully created by the team & you both will get sign up bonus after the referred customer withdraw a total of $100 to his/her local bank account.

You don’t need to worry about anything after you have proceeded with the accurate steps. Just follow the refer a friend Guidelines & promote your link everywhere on the web where it matters.


Easy Ways To Promote Your Referral Link On The Web:

Here I’m going to share with you some of the best ways you can use to promote your Payoneer $25 Bonus Referral Link which will help you in many ways.

1:- Promote Your Referral Link Using Blogs & Sites

One of the most effective ways ever to promote your affiliate products is blogs & sites. Be your own boss & start your own blog or site & start promoting products today free of cost. If you’ve already a blog then you can bring up lots of customers to Payoneer & can earn a huge amount of money.

2:- Use Social Media Sites

No one can devalue the use of Social sites & the benefits of it but most of us are uneducated & just spend decent of hours by just chatting with friends or sharing photos which is in the other hand, is a wasting of time. So, if you have a good audience on social sites then get benefit from it & start promoting your link today over there which is a free source.

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3:- Use Email To Promote Your Referral Link

If you have built a list then it’s time to update your audience out about Payoneer & let them know why you recommend it to them & what would be benefits in it for them. Also, if you don’t have a list then you can send an email to your friends & colleagues.

4:- Use Youtube Channel To Earn Payoneer $25 Bonus

The 2nd largest site in today’s world is Youtube which is ranked #2 after Google, & which means millions of people are using Youtube so you have the best way to promote your link there & get exposure in signing ups. Use either your personal account or create a new separate channel for affiliate marketing.

5:- Blogs & Sites Commenting

Don’t have a blog or site? No matter, simply start by commenting on other sites & include your Payoneer $25 bonus referral link there in the link box & post it.

These were my ways that I use today for promoting my own links. Now, if you haven’t yet signed up for Payoneer then go ahead & sign up today to earn a great bonus.


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4 thoughts on “Payoneer $25 Bonus: Sign Up Today [Payoneer Referral Guide]

  1. Payoneer $25 Bonus

    Hello Yasar Sir,
    I have no CNIC so without it can I get payoneer card and can I get 25 bonus?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon Sir.

    1. Yasar Ali Post author

      Thanks for commenting.
      If you have no CNIC then don’t worry, you can apply using B-Form or Form-B And also you can get Payoneer bonus after you sign up using our link.
      Hope this helps. If you have further question then please let me know.

  2. Adebayo

    how could the person that have signup for new payoneer without using your link get the bonus.


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