Is Payoneer Better for Sending And Receiving Payments? [2019]

By | January 9, 2019

Today Payoneer has become the most trusted and reliable company to send and receive money from all over the world.  It is widely used by bloggers, companies, freelance workers, marketer and many more who are doing online business and requires to deal with other county clients or customers.  Today we will see what are the reason which makes Payoneer better than other payment companies.

Payoneer Better For Online Money Transfer


Payoneer is an online cross-country payment company which provides a platform to make the transaction between others in different county currencies. payoneer don’t charge a hepatic fee on the currency conversion which is why many people like to use Payoneer to receive money from companies. Payoneer has some cool features like Payoneer prepaid MasterCard which is the same as other debit cards.

In 2019, there are many companies which provide the facilities to make the online transaction in other currencies which make it even more difficult to choose which one is the best and to trust on.

It becomes very necessary if you are doing an online work or business with other companies which are far situated in different countries like a freelancer have to work with people from all over the world and when the work is done need to have a good payment system so that his hard worked money get to him safely.  I am sure you have thought of Paypal when you heard of online work why shouldn’t you PayPal is accepted worldwide and is a big brand. But let me bring the disadvantage of PayPal. There are certain fees in working with PayPal. Whenever you will receive some amount of money than 3% of the amount you received will be deducted as a conversion fee and this may not sound so much big to big companies and bloggers but i is quite a reason to worry for small or beginners who don’t get much from working and if some amount will be cut from the earned money then it will not feel good to them. So to overcome this disadvantage Payoneer came into existence with some extras awesome feature which is better than other payment companies. So let’s see what are the benefits Payoneer is providing to us.

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Top benefits of payoneer

 1. Payoneer 25 Bonus

Payoneer offers 25$ to every new user once they will successfully receive 100$ in the Payoneer account. The Payoneer Sign UP is very simple and smooth. You just need to fill a form with some necessary information of yours and then Payoneer will start the process of verification. The company will verify the account within 24 hours or sometimes it can take even more or less. However, I don’t know any company which offers 25$ as a bonus.

2) Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Payoneer gives the option to withdraw money to your local bank account or you can load money in the MasterCard and then can withdraw the loaned money from any local bank ATMs. This makes Payoneer even more preferable because in case you don’t have any bank account then through Payoneer MasterCard, you can use it as normal bank debit card on everywhere you want. You can withdraw money from other county ATMs also when you are traveling and need to have the local currencies then this comes in handy and saves much time of yours in exchanging the currencies.

3) Accepted by all counties

Payoneer was established in 2005 and now have grown its root in all over the global market as a secure and reliable payment system. Over 200 countries accept the Payoneer payment system to send and receive money to their employees as well as companies.  Currently, Payoneer accepts 5 currencies which is a good thing.

4) virtual bank account

In pioneer, you can open a virtual bank account of USA bank which is very beneficial for all to easily send and receive money from companies. Remember you are limited to send and receive money to only companies.

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5) No fee for the personal transaction

In PayPal, you will have to pay money even if you are sending money to your friend and family which is very inconvenient as you will receive the deducted money but in Payoneer, you can easily send and receive money from each other without paying any fee. this is very helpful for many people who work as a freelancer because they don’t get enough money.

6) Payoneer security

Everyone fears to do online transaction because of some malfunction or hack due to which you can easily lose your hard worked money. so most people don’t prefer online transaction. That is why Payoneer offers complete security of the transaction between each other and provide all the information about the transaction. This is the only reason why Payoneer has become one of the trusted company for all the transaction.

7) fast money transfer

Payoneer provides the fastest money transfer which is one of the best features the company is providing. you can request your money withdrawal in your local bank account and in a few hours, you will get the money in your account. However, the transfer rate can vary it sometimes takes a few hours or even minutes. On the other hand, PayPal makes you wait for around 3-4 days to get your money in the bank account.  

As we saw all the points which I think is far better than other companies offerings. I have been using Payoneer for many years and I am very satisfied with the services. The customer support of Payoneer is very reliable which makes it easy to use the Payoneer for everyone. So here was the reasons why Payoneer is better than other companies to send and receive money.


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