How To Scan QR Code In Android Mobile Phone

By | June 30, 2016

You might have seen QR Codes on different things like Smartphone Box, Books, Cottons etc but you might not know that what is it.scan-qr-code-in-android

Well, This is a small bar or square of black & white arrays which is able to save URLs & Information by a machine & then a Mobile Smartphones & other QR Scanning cameras are able to Read its information to the users.

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Our today’s, article is on How To Scan QR Code In Android Mobile Phone?

If you have found any QR Code on something & want to know about its secret then read the steps below to know how to check the QR Code inside information.

Download QR Code Scanner Android App

  • Download the QR Code Reader from Play Store
  • Open The Code Reader App
  • Place the Code in front of the Code Reader Camera
  • The App will scan the code automatically & will give you the info which is inside the code

How To Create My Own QR Code?

If you want to promote your own business via QR Code & want to create your own Code then follow the steps below to create your Code.

  • Visit website
  • Click the Make A Code link at the top
  • Type your link & content you want to put inside the code in  the left side content area & You’ll see your generated QR Code at the right side.
  • Once you completed the steps above. it is time to save your code into your computer. Just save the code into your computer or android phone and then scan it.
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Last Words>

If you are going to Scan Qr Code In Android phone then feel free to share your thoughts here in the comment section and if you have any question then don’t hesitate to ask.


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