How To Add An Extra Layer Of Security To Your Google Account?

By | January 15, 2017

What’s going on EveryOne!!!. In this quick post, I’ll be covering how to add an extra layer of security to your google account or in other words, how to enable two step verification or also known as (Two-Factor Authentication) to prevent your google account from being hacked even if someone gets your email address & password.

Google is widely used company in ever corner of the world in which millions of entreprenuers, bloggers, businesses owners & others are involed in using Google for their businesses which is in the other hand, one of awful things for them. They are concerned about getting their accounts security. But the most interesting thing here is that the more google grows up, the more they take care of their clients & the clients’ security.

At the same time, Google has rolled out one of the most interesting thing for their users in which users have the ability to enable a two-step authentication security for their accounts & which is free of cost.

Now, What Is 2-Step Authentication?

Tow-Step Authentication or Two-Factor Verification is one of the best features of Google in terms of Security. When you enable this feature, Google will then give you some options such as Backup Codes, Voice or Text sending options. And, when the feature is enabled, you’ll need to pass through the 2step authentication after entering your Password & Email address to log into your google account. For Instance, when you have enabled Two-Step Authentication, you’ll need to enter your Gmail address & password & when this step is passed, you’ll be prompted with a new window in which you have to verify the ownership of your account such as if you have enabled text message or voice call option then google will send you a text message with the verifiction code & you’ll need to put that code into the verification box & once this step is passed, you’ll be able to log into your Google Account.

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This is the most easiest way to keep your google account secured from hackers & hijackers even if they get your email address & Password. There are many ways & options in the 2 Factor Verification such as you can also use a backup phone to get a verification code in a Message or call or you can use 10 Backup Codes which you can get from your google account 2SV page or you can use the google official Authentication app.

How To Enable Two-Step Authentication & Add An Extra Layer Of Security To Google Account?

Follow these simple steps to secure your google account today & take a deep breath without concerning about your account security.

1:- Create Google Account (Gmail) First.

2:- Visit Google 2Step Auth Page.

3:- Click on Get Started.


4:- Type in your Mobile Number here & you’ll get a code either in text msg or voice call if you choose one of them & once you confirm the verifiction process, turn on 2 step authentication.


5:- You have enabled just Voice & Text Messaging option, you can add more verifiction methods from your 2-step verifiction page.


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Final Saying:

Now, you have understood how to add an extra layer of security to your google account freely & easily. If you found this how to guide helpful then like this, share this with your friends to help them & also share your comment below with us.


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