10 Best Search Engine Optimization Secrets For BlogSpot Users

By | October 15, 2016

When creating a site/blog is finished, we think forward to make BlogSpot site Search Engines friendly to get rank high on them.

We recently learned how to make a site/blog with Blogger & in this post, we’ll learn how to make it Search Engine optimized to bring it to the top by following my few secrets that I have used to beat my competitors & make money from it with a simple sub-domain name.

Ok, you might be a newbie or might be an advanced but Blogger(Blogspot.com) is the easiest platform that is quite easy to use & understand the tools & features. There are very basic things we do to make our site search engines friendly which are listed below.


Search Engine Optimization Secrets For BlogSpot Users

No matter whether you’re a newbie or an advanced user. You should follow my steps & secrets to get exposure in traffic as well as in income.

1:- Buy Hosting From A Reliable Company

You’ll think what is the relation between hosting with search engines.

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Buying a hosting plan is an important beginning & if you start it not with care, you’ll then regret of this mistake. When buying a domain name & hosting make sure to ask others who are using their services because hosting providers’ servers are often get down & your site will not be accessible to anyone.

2:- Choose Well Coded & Search Engine Optimized Template/Theme

After the domain name & hosting, you’ll need to buy theme or template for your blog site. Before buying any template, always test the template/theme by testing it using google insight, GTmetrix as well as using Mobile Friendly checker & other speed testing tools.

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3:- Make Your BlogSpot Readers Public & Privacy Listed

The by default option is set to Public. However, if you have changed it to any other audience then you need to make it public to get your site/blog allowed to everyone around the globe.

To do that, simply go to your Blog Setting > Basic, scroll down & set the permission to Public.


To Enable Privacy Listed to search engines, Go to Setting > Basic.


4:- Add Custom Domain With HTTPS Enabled

The by default feature allows you to add https:// to your by default sub-domain name but if you use a custom domain name on your Blogspot blog then you’ll need to get a domain name with https:// from the domain provider.

Keeping https:// enabled is not a ranking factor but google consider it more secure than http:// domains.

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For a sub-domain name, go to Setting > Basic.


5:- Add Meta Description & Basic Description To Your BlogSpot Blog

Meta Description describes your site to search engines whereas Basic Description in BlogSpot describes your site/blog to your Readers as well as help search engines about your site to find it & know more about it easily.

To enable & add Basic Description in your Blogspot blog, go to Setting > Basic.


To enable Meta Description, go to Setting > Search Preferences.


6:- Make Use Of Custom Robots.txt & Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom Robots.txt tells search engines’ spiders whether a specific directory on your site should be crawled or not whereas Custom Robots Header Tags tells search engines whether homepage, archives, search pages, posts & pages should be indexed or not.

For more details about custom robots.txt, Visit Ankit Singla’s detailed post And for more details about custom robots header tags visit his other post.

To enable these features on your Blogspot blog, go to Setting > Search Preferences, Scroll down to Crawlers and indexing.


7:- Add Sitemap In Your Robots.txt File

When Search Engines Spiders crawl your blog they first crawl your blog’s robots.txt file if you have enabled it. Including sitemap in your robots.txt file is good for search engines’ crawlers & they then find & crawl your blog more easily & quickly.

8:- Use SEO-Friendly Permalinks/URLs For Your Posts

Making Permalink/URL short & meaningful not only make your post/web page Search Engines Friendly but also your readers & customers will remind web page more easy.

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To make SEO-Friendly Permalink/URL, always include your targeted keywords in the beginning of the permalink & always use dashes(-) instead of underscores(_) or other characters.

9:- Always Include At Least One Image To Every Post/Page & Optimize It

When publishing post or page, always include at least one image & optimize it by adding alt tag & title tag to it including your targeted keywords in it.

10:- Keep Your Blog Posts/Pages Clean & Well Coded

When you write something, make sure to make your content clean & well coded as much as possible & always revise & proofread your posts/pages after finishing it.

These are some common Search Engines Secrets For Every BlogSpot as well as for WordPress & other CMS users. Let me know your own secrets about making a blog search engines optimized.


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