How To Start Your Own Successful WordPress Blog

By | August 12, 2016

Blogging is the only easy way to start your own online business & to be your own boss. If you start it correctly you’ll be much happy with it.

There are many CMS platforms that you can use. such as Blogger,, Tumblr, & Drupal etc. But if you want to be a successful in your business & to have your own control on your blog then you must need to setup a blog. So for that, I’m here to teach you all the steps & information which I know that how to use WordPress platform to create your own successful blog.


I don’t say that other CMS platforms are not good but I’m using Blogger & & which both work well for me.

Basic Requirements For A Blog

The first and foremost requirement you’ll need to learn the basic about that how to use it & how to optimize a Blog for Search Engines.

The second requirement you’ll need to buy your own custom TLD (Top Level Domain) name & hosting from any online web hosting providers to upload your own WordPress blog data/files.

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The third requirement for a successful blog is a beautiful & Seo-Friendly theme. If you’re not an expert & can’t create your own theme then you can also buy it from any online theme provider by paying them some $. Or you can also download any themes for free from online sites. Such as etc


If you’ve all those requirements available then let’s begin.

Download/Upload Files to your Domain Name Or Install it Using Softaculous CMS Installer Tool

There are many methods that you can use to install blog on your domain name. Such as using Softacoulous or Uploading Files using Filezilla or using Cpanel.

I’ve personally installed WordPress on my blog using Softacoulous because it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes & everything is done quickly. So if your hosting provider has Softaculous tool then use it to install WordPress on your blog.

If you want to manually upload files to your domain name using FileZilla Client then watch the video tutorial below.


Once the installation is completed, Install wp responsive & SEO-friendly theme & install some basic wp plugins that you want to improve the look of your blog.


How to download videos from

Best free Android Apps to learn HTML

Advice To Run A successful Blog

You might know that Search Engines are very Clever!!! There are a lot of bloggers that use spammy ways to improve their blogs/website ranking & traffic & which all are not become successful in the long term blogging.


If you want to run a successful blog online then follow these tips & never use Black-Hat Methods to improve your SE ranking & visibility.

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#1 Try Writing Unique Content

You know that content is king!!! So try focus on writing more than 300 words article & optimize it for Your Readers/Search Engines. Remember, Don’t use spammy way to include your targeted keywords everywhere in your blog post. Use it on your title, Url, at the beginning of the post & in the headings.

#2 Increase Your Social Media Engagement/Signal

Social Media is often considered is the factor of google ranking but however, I don’t think that it’ll help you to improve your ranking in the search engine but it can give you a big amount of traffic if you use Social Media correctly.

Nowadays, Facebook is not much effective in terms of generating engaging. Facebook has reduced the reach for pages/groups. You can use Pinterest for generating user engagement and clicks to your website/blog. Pinterest is an image search engine and can do wonders when it comes to engagement. Many Pinterest accounts have crossed 10 Million viewers on a monthly basis.

#3 Submit Your Blog To Top RSS Feed Directories

There are several free RSS directories that can really give you traffic as well as help you to rank higher in the Search Engines. Few RSS Feed Directories:,,,

#4 Build High-Quality Backlinks From High Page Rank & Domain Authority Blogs/websites

You can get backlinks to your blog/site by commenting on other websites/blogs, Joining Forums/ Guest posting, Creating A List type articles which people will themselves link to it & try submitting your blog to free blog directories.

#5 Make Your Online Presence

This is important for you to make your online presence by helping others in your niche, making a relationship between other bloggers & participating in other’s blogs & social media pages.

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#6 Participate In Online Forums

Participate In Online Forums & Build your presence as well as help others & include your blog link in the signature so that other people will come to your blog & will be converted to your daily readers.

#7 Create Social Media Accounts For Your Blog

Now almost, Everyone is using Social Media Pages/accounts. So Try creating your own social media pages & try posting something helpful for your readers to get more social media signals as well as good amount of traffic.

Every time you publish a new article in your blog, make sure to promote it using your social media accounts.

#8 Create A Youtube Channel For Your Blog

Youtube is the most popular & #1 video sharing online platform that everyone is using to learn/enjoy & teach online through videos. Try to create your own youtube channel & publish videos about your product/blog post & stuff that people want to know about.

The Last Line:

So Guys, these were my few best tips/advice for you to run your own successful WordPress blog. I know you might have a lot of best ideas & tips about blogging. So don’t hesitate to share it with us by commenting below.

If you want to help us spread the word then do click the social media icons to share it using social media accounts & support us.



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